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RUSH: Oh, my gosh, the ACLU has condemned the decision for military trials at Club Gitmo! The ACLU has come out against Eric Holder and Obama. Now, if the ACLU says something is wrong, you know it must be right. But it’s fascinating to read.


RUSH: Here is, ladies and gentlemen, the ACLU condemning the Gitmo decision, and they threaten Obama. “In a move that undermines civil liberties and the rule of law, the Obama administration today announced that it will prosecute the suspects accused of planning the 9/11 attacks in the Guantanamo military commissions system. In one of the first acts of his new presidency, President Obama called a halt to the military commissions. A joint Department of Justice and Department of Defense task force was then created to conduct careful review of the appropriate forum for trials for accused terrorists held on Guantanamo. Attorney General Eric Holder had announced the result of that process in November 2009: the 9/11 defendants would be prosecuted in federal courts. The administration delayed in response to political pressure, and has now backtracked under pressure from within and outside of Congress.”

And let’s see. Anthony Romero, the executive director of the ACLU, this is in their press release: “The Obama administration’s decision to use the broken and deficient military commissions system to prosecute the most important terrorism cases of our time is completely wrong. There is a reason this system is condemned: it is rife with constitutional and procedural problems and undermines the fundamental American values that have made us a model throughout the world for centuries.” Ah, here we go again with that. Our fundamental values, somehow, our fundamental values around the world are somehow taking a big hit by trying these guys down at Guantanamo. “These cases have already been delayed for years by the Bush administration’s legally and morally disastrous decision to subject the 9/11 defendants to torture and indefinite detention. Cases prosecuted by the Obama administration in the commissions now are sure to be subject to continuous legal challenges and delays, and their outcomes will not be seen as legitimate. That is not justice. Americans deserve better.”

That’s the ACLU fit to be tied over the fact the regime is going to conduct the trials in a military commission down at Guantanamo Bay. They bring up all those delays in the procedures under Bush, and all of them were caused by procedural roadblocks thrown up by the ACLU and their otherwise terrorist sympathizers. And then they go on to threaten the Obama regime that they’ll do the same thing to them, cause the same endless delays with challenges. So that’s what the ACLU has said here. Until these guys are brought to trial in New York where they can have a free run at ripping this country to shreds we are gonna sue and we’re gonna use every legal device at our disposal here to delay these trials. And you have to wonder if the regime was not aware that this was gonna happen.


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