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Michael Kinsley, who was once a sort of relevant liberal pundit, has his shorts in a wad over Pharaoh Obama’s Libyan war. In a Politico column Kinsley writes, “Probably the most egregiously ignored words in the Constitution” are: “The Congress shall have the power to declare war.” He then chides Republicans for not taking on Obama. “Especially,” he says, “with their showy fondness for ‘originalism’ and ‘plain meaning’ in interpreting the Constitution.”

Kinsley complains that both Republican and Democrat Presidents put Congress in an impossible position by asking permission only when troops are “poised for battle.” Kinsley is so ticked off that he agrees that Obama’s actions are even more egregious than George W. Bush going to war in Iraq. And he slams Obama’s flip-flop; while campaigning, Obama declared that Presidents did not have the power to unilaterally commit troops to the type of operation he just committed our troops to.

“Constitutional provisions don’t disappear just because they seem outmoded,” scolds Mr. Kinsley.

Mikey. Spare us the fire, brimstone, and outrage. You didn’t complain about Obamacare, the bailouts, private-sector takeovers, or the thousands of other Constitutionally questionable programs that Democrats doled out from their goody bag over the years.

The only reason so many of you libs are upset – to the point of actually quoting the Constitution! – is that you hate the projection of American military power. Even by a weak, dithering Democrat President.

So, Mikey. You’ve had your say. Now return to obscurity.

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