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RUSH: Mentor, Ohio. Matt, you’re next on Open Line Friday. Welcome, sir, hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it’s an honor to speak with you. I love you, my family loves you, and you’re the foundation of everything that I am.

RUSH: Whoa! Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: You’re welcome. I’m well educated, well researched. One of the questions I have, something that really frustrates me, is this “smoke screen” of Obama’s birth. Everybody’s screaming about his birth certificate, and all these other documents — and, you know, it’s all irrelevant. His father was a loyal British subject at the time of his birth, and his mother was too young to qualify. It’s documented fact. So I don’t know why everybody is running around trying to prove anything. Any document he puts forward is a fraudulent document.

RUSH: Well, I’ll tell you why it’s important. There are two reasons why it’s important. Number one, he’s got a grandmother or aunt in Kenya who said she saw him born there. That’s number one. Number two, aside from all of that, what Donald Trump is really doing — and as I pointed out yesterday — is Donald Trump is providing a lesson on how to beat Barack Obama. Donald Trump is showing that the way to do that is you go after these people. Not just Obama. You go after the left. You go after the Democrat Party. You don’t get timid, you don’t act defensive and you don’t act afraid. You just go after them.

Look at poor old Meredith Vieira. She had no idea what to do with Trump. So, you may look at what Trump’s doing as an expose of the birth certificate. I look at it as a lot more. There’s a lot more to what Trump is accomplishing here than just questions about Obama’s birth.

CALLER: (silence)

RUSH: I don’t think he really loved me that much, Snerdley. I think you got snookered. I think that was a seminar caller. I think you got taken in because you love me like that, so anybody telling you that they love me like that, you fell for it. You just got scammed, see? But I didn’t get scammed. I didn’t get scammed. (interruption) Right. (interruption) Weeeell, that’s all right. These kinds of things happen but, you know, that’s why I’m here and you’re on the other side of the glass screening the calls.


RUSH: Back to this birther business for just a second. The Department of Health in Hawaii has verified that Obama’s certificate of live birth is authentic, but it’s not a birth certificate. In addition, one of Obama’s relatives, aunt or grandmother, swears that he was born in Kenya. She saw it. She was there at the birth. Now, Trump’s doing a lot of things, but what Trump’s doing is giving a road map here. He’s showing the Republican Party how to deal with Obama, how to deal with the Democrat Party at large. Now, even though the Department of Health in Hawaii has verified that Obama’s certificate of live birth is authentic, the incredible thing here is that more than two years into Obama’s regime more than 40% of the population still question whether he’s actually an American or not. And don’t think that it’s all because of the birth certificate.

Folks, the reason so many people are questioning whether or not Obama is American is because of what he has said and what he has done. Americans do not run around the world and apologize for their country. Americans do not support and implement policies that cause people to lose their jobs. Americans do not implement policies that decrease the standard of living. Americans do not institute policies that cause us to be more dependent on foreign oil. So all this talk about the birth certificate, the lack of one that’s causing people to question where Obama’s from, it’s not just that. Don’t doubt me. It’s what he’s done. It’s his agenda. It’s his policies. If we’re gonna sit around and discuss “Do you think Obama’s an American?” I don’t even care about the birth certificate part of it. I want to focus more on his policies in terms of answering and dealing with that question.


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