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RUSH: Don in central Michigan. Hi. Welcome to the EIB Network and Open Line Friday.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking the call.

RUSH: Yes, sir!

CALLER: I want to say, I told ’em I was a liberal and they put me in second in line so you’re not afraid to talk to liberals. I also said I was a liberal with a sense of humor who’s not angry. I’ve been listening to you for 20 years. You are a consummate broadcaster. I’ve listened to the environmentalist wacko updates and laughed, but today I’m sensing the tone in your voice. I don’t want you to blow a gasket. Things aren’t as bad as you think.

RUSH: You hear a tone in my voice like I’m the blowing a gasket?

CALLER: Well, as I talked to the screener, you’ve gone from Jefferson Davis to baby killers to a lot of different subjects here. What I’m saying is I think you can be a force for good in America and bring us together. Don’t go over the top unless it’s really funny. There’s no evil on liberals and no evil on the conservatives.

RUSH: All right, so, Jefferson Davis and, “What’s a few dead babies between friends?” that’s a little over the top and you’re trying to bring me back, and save me as a force for good in our country.

CALLER: I think you can go too far. You have 20 million viewers if you have all of us listening.

RUSH: Didn’t I just say that the Wisconsin election should give us hope?


RUSH: The last caller was a nice guy, one of the nicest liberals that I can ever remember having called the program, honestly. Said he was a liberal with a sense of humor, who was not angry, actually trying to help me. He thought I needed to dial it back a little bit. Was this guy calling from a museum by any chance, Snerdley? You don’t know?


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