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Well, since FDR, Democrats have linked their political fortunes to “programs”. These have now grown, morphed, and become so giganticthey consume the majority of our federal budget. When LBJ, by a tragic quirk of fate, became president,Democrats doubled down on the New Deal, rolling out even more programs in The Great Society — and they allfailed.

So now along comes Pharoah Obama. With entitlement programs already on a trajectory to bankrupt the country, Democrats spent like never before in our history, pushing deficits and debt beyond our ability to pay for generations. Democrats passed Obamacare –yet another financially corrupt entitlement –against the will of the people.

Well, now Paul Ryan has crafted a serious budget;a first step at restoring fiscal sanity. Democrats reacted as they have for decades. They denounced his proposal to divest entitlement dollars to governors in block grants,claiming governors would kill their own citizens. They claim elderly, children, women, will starve,cancer research will stop, and assorted other horrors.

The Democrats have spent the last 80 years creating programs that, barring reform, will never be paid for. (And they don’t work.)They verbally terrorize any American who suggests a fixwith fear-mongering, personal attacks, and lies. Not once have they offered up a viable solution to address the failings of the programs they created.

You’ve heard the saying, “Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em”? Well, we’ve gambled on Democrats long enough. It’s time to hold ’em responsible –and fold ’em — in 2012. They’ve done enough damage…don’t you think?

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