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RUSH: Oh man, it looks like the Star Wars bar scene on my television. Harry Reid and the Democrats in a joint press conference, and they are not smiling. I mean it looks like all of the Democrats lined up there for a presser, Dingy Harry speaking, and he looks like he’s sucking on a lemon. He does not look happy out there. This looks like a rogues gallery if I have ever seen one. And we always thought that the Democrats wanted a government that looks like America. This does not look like any America I’ve ever seen, and he’s not happy.

Obviously, the negotiations here are not going well, unless this is just a prelude, and they’re just doing this for the effect of it. But we have people on it here, folks, monitoring this, ’cause it just started. I was in the other room showing off my latest toy to some friends of mine here, so I don’t really know what Dingy Harry’s saying, although I mean I do know because — (interruption) yeah, Republicans have a choice, shut down the government over women’s health care, women’s health care. It’s about abortion, I guaran-damn-tee you. This is about abortion. He’s saying a shutdown would hurt the United States’ credibility around the world. Barack Obama is hurting our credibility around the world. Harry “This War is Lost” Reid.


RUSH: CNN says that Harry Reid is saying that they’ve come to an impasse. Reid is saying that the number they’ve agreed to is $78 billion in cuts. That’s the number that they have agreed to. Now, also let me give you an on-the-spot, as-it-happens read, because I don’t want to JIP Harry Reid. He is the most boring person in the world to listen to. But he just said that nearly a million federal employees are on pins and needles waiting to find out about the shutdown. They can’t wait to find out if they’re gonna get another paid vacation or not.

Brazil has just elected a communist president, which is why Obama’s so happy to help fund them, so eager to become dependent on them for our energy, ’cause Obama likes communist leaders. He envies them. He openly envies them, salivates for the kind of power that Hu Jintao has.

All right. I’m just gonna tell you again, that $78 billion, that’s what Dingy Harry says has been agreed to. If it’s lower than that, it’s not gonna be pretty out there in Tea Party land. It is not gonna be happy. I think it’s time that we all start thinking what we want, what we require, not what the left demands and then work off of that. This entire debate’s driven by the left. Our party cannot seem to get away from being reactionary. They set the rules, we react to it. They set the premise, we deal with it. It’s gotta be the other way around. Harry Reid also said the law already prohibits funding for abortion. No need for Republicans to deny funding to Title X community health centers. So this is all about abortion. Everything that Reid’s talking about, Klobuchar, all of these Democrats, Chuck Schumer, it is about abortion. The Democrat Party will fund Planned Parenthood. There’s nothing that’s gonna stop ’em. They will happily not fund salaries for military personnel. They call that a “distraction.” But you let something get in the way of funding for Planned Parenthood, and they will shut this government down.


RUSH: Now, I mentioned this rogues gallery, all these Democrats standing together at Reid’s press conference. I noticed at one point, while I was hosting the program at the same time, Chuck Schumer was whispering in Reid’s ear. And I wondered what that was all about. I have since found out, and reporters are laughing, ladies and gentlemen, over the fact that Chuck Schumer had to whisper in Dingy Harry’s ear and tell him the details of whatever has been agreed to up to this point.

The details of the negotiations, Chuck Schumer is whispering, and we know this because the reporters are tweeting it. They’re not reporting it. They are tweeting it. And the reporters are asking themselves, “Who’s in charge?” But they’re not asking on television. They’re not asking when they’re doing their stand-up reports. They’re doing it on Twitter. They would never question the Democrat leadership on the air. But in their personal tweets they’re asking themselves, “Who’s running this show?”


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