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RUSH: What I don’t want to happen here, folks, as I just said, is for our side to believe that any of these big issues can ultimately be worked out through compromise. Democrats don’t want to solve any of these problems. They do not want cuts in spending. They don’t care about the debt crisis. They are incapable of ultimately agreeing to policies that would solve any of these problems. That’s what everybody involved here has to know. They don’t care. They are addicted to the redistribution of wealth. They are addicted to Keynesian economics, government spending. I have a ridiculous story today about trying to point out “hypocrisy” among the right for limiting government spending, even though so much of the current economic recovery is because of government spending.

If that’s true, there is no economic recovery. But this is my point. The government doesn’t recover the economy. The government cannot become the economy. If the government becomes the economy, the country’s over as we know it — and the Democrats want the government to be the economy of the country. That must be defeated. That cannot be compromised with. But, man, that “compromise,” that whole thing is seductive. The DC culture — and that’s really what we’re up against here: The ruling class, Washington culture. This word “compromise,” these people feel orgasmic at the end of the day when they think they’ve compromised for the public good and when everybody praises them for compromise — and I’m telling you, when it comes to this and the future of the country, “compromise” is nothing more than our defeat, and the left knows it.

So this $38 billion, it doesn’t matter.


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