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The Mighty Pharaoh will reportedly lay out his plans for long-term deficit reduction this week. On Meet the Depressed, regime advisor David Plouffe claimed that Obama has already released his blueprint for reducing the deficit by $1 trillion over the next ten years. He also claimed that Pharaoh Obama has put in place much of the deficit commission’s recommendations, but will spell out additional steps. “For instance,”Plouffe said, “freezing the pay of federal workers for a period of time. Fundamental reform of the government. We obviously then have to do more. And that’s what the president’s gonna lay out.”

Now, Plouffe gave a clue about the “additional steps” Mighty Pharaoh has in mind; namely, rescinding some of theBush tax cuts. Mighty Pharaoh believes that”upper income Americans” need “to contribute to the deficit reduction in this country.” Plouffe then accused Republicans of planning a “trillion-dollar tax cut” while asking seniors, the middle class, and the poor to bear the brunt. (The same-old class-envy BS that Democrats always spew.)

First: Obama’s budget is a joke. The trillion dollars “savings” over ten years is a fraction of what he already spent, and wants to spend. Second: No, he did not implement his deficit commission recommendations; he ignored them.

And finally:The regime knows full well that rescinding the Bush tax cuts won’t pass the Republican House. They lost that battle in December.

SoObama’s upcoming speech is not about deficit reduction –it’s just another 2012 campaign speech from our Mighty Tax-and-Spend Pharaoh Obama, the Most Merciful, Peace be upon Him.

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