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RUSH: The infighting that goes on between the Democrats, we were gonna do a Morning Update on it. They’re really ticked off at Obama at Salon.com and a lot of other places. You can find it here in stacks of stuff. And a lot of people are using this, “Hey, Rush, it’s not that bad out there, the Democrats are not all that happy with Obama,” blah, blah, blah. And I want to put this in perspective. When the Democrats fight among themselves don’t think that the factions are liberal versus moderate. Whatever the factions, they all have the same objective, and that’s totalitarianism, authoritarianism, big government controlling everybody, whatever you want to call it. The anger stems from other things like how fast or slow Obama’s getting there, how deferential he is to Republicans. Don’t forget, that side over there, they want Obama to basically chew Boehner’s head off in the negotiations and they want to hear about it. They have a visceral hate for us. This notion of showing respect, that’s not them at all.

Now, here’s the thing. Obama is not a capitalist. The Democrat Party is not a party or the party of capitalism. The end that all of these different factions on the left have is the same end. They’re not the party of constitutionalism. They are not the party of individualism. They are not the party of prosperity. They are not the party of freedom. They are not the party of liberty. They are not the party of equality. None of that. What are they? Radicals. At least within our system and based on our history, they are utter radicals. So that’s the left. Now, on our side we are still fighting the battle of the establishment Republicans, the ruling class, the RINOs versus us, the conservatives and the constitutionalists. Now, the moderates on our side had as their goal avoiding a government shutdown. We know it because they said it. Boehner said it over and over again, and the editors at National Review had a lead editorial today praising the end result of this budget deal precisely because it avoided a government shutdown.

Now, the conservatives and the constitutionalists are you, the people, the people who make the country work, the people who voted in November, the people who handed the House of Representatives to the Republicans. And who are you? You demanded some real substantive action. The Tea Party movement is also you and us. It sprang up, it came to life from the ashes, the primordial soup of the Republican defeat two years ago in 2008, and to a certain extent even 2006. Now, the moderate Republicans, the establishment Republicans, the RINOs, the ruling class and the wannabe ruling class Republicans have as one of the main aims of their existence controlling you, the Tea Party, controlling the freshmen in the House of Representatives, controlling the message and controlling the public relations. And that’s what’s going on today. We can talk about the internecine battles on their side, but we’ve got them, too. But the people, you, you’re well aware of what’s occurring. The very existence of the Tea Party is proof. It’s an illustration that you, us, are much further along in our understanding of where the country is than the people representing us in many cases.

You’re well aware of what’s happening. Contrary to what’s said about you, you’re not perfectionists, you’re not purists, you’re not ideologues, you don’t have this rigid “my way or the highway” approach. The fact that you want the government to stop destroying your children’s future is not an extreme demand. It doesn’t make you a kook. But you’re thought of that way. I want you to know that in ruling class Washington, I don’t care what side of the aisle you’re talking about, if you’re the Tea Party, you’re a kook. They don’t think this country’s in peril. They don’t think we’re talking about the future of the country for your kids and grandkids. They think it’s always gonna be there. We’ve always had debt. We’ve always had cycles of inflation. We’ve always had cycles of unemployment. It’s always gonna happen. The country’s not threatened like you think it is. You’re kooks. You’re nuts. And even some of you, you’re just out for yourselves. You’re just really selfish here.

But I’m here to tell you that your desire to have your kids and grandkids inherit a country, grow up in a country same as you did is not radical, and it’s not even ideological. I wouldn’t even say it’s conservative. It’s just common sense. It’s rational. It’s just logical. It’s essentially human. Human beings, parents, even though I’m not one, I know enough of them, I’ve had a couple, always want a better life for their kids than they had themselves. It’s one of the reasons that they engage in child raising and insisting on college and certain things. They want a better life for their kids. That hasn’t changed and never will change. And in this country it’s always been possible. Now there’s a genuine fear, maybe the next generation it’s not gonna be possible for our kids to live better than we did. It’s a genuine, genuine and sensible concern. It’s rational and logical not to want your nation destroyed right before your eyes. It’s rational and logical not to want to lose your freedom.

Look what happened in Chicago. In Chicago — these examples are endless now — in Chicago your kids can’t take lunch from home. You have to eat whatever the cafeteria offers. You cannot take lunch to school, can’t give it to your kids. You want to maintain your freedom, your autonomy, your distance from government, that is not irrational or kooky. It is rational and completely logical. You don’t want the nation destroyed. You don’t want your liberty lost. You don’t want the destruction of your economic system. You want the best for your kids. That’s not about perfection or ideology. That’s just the truth. Good old-fashioned, plain, everyday common sense, the essence of humanity. So this battle within the GOP continues. The battle between the people and the establishment ruling class continues. For them, not shutting down the government — which isn’t even shut down — that was the primary objective, not shutting down the government. Protecting the mechanism to redistribute wealth was the primary objective because that’s most of what the government does. Government redistributes wealth. It certainly doesn’t create it. It destroys it and redistributes it. And there must not ever be an interruption in that.

Now, tomorrow, Pharaoh Obama will come out and lie to you. He has lied to you repeatedly before. He has lied to you about his so-called stimulus bill. He has lied to us about Obamacare. He’s lied to us about taxes. He’s lied to us about deficits and fixing them. He’s lied to us about spending, and he’s gonna lie to you tomorrow about his budget. The biggest big spender in world history is going to tell you that now he has a plan to reduce deficits, that now he has a plan to reduce the debt, and he has a plan to control spending. The man who is largely responsible for destroying our economy and the budget and the currency is now going to lie to you. He’s going to tell you that he is going to save us. Why is he going to do this? To the extent that we care about motivations, I’ll tell you. A, he thinks you are stupid. All of the ruling class thinks you are stupid nuts and kooks; that your memories are so short that you will be convinced by clever phrases and endless promises, words on the teleprompter that he knows how to fix things. And in the middle of all of these lies he will lie again by blaming everyone else. He will blame his predecessors. He will blame private industry, except for GE and GM, and he will claim to have the answers.

So this is where we are, where the perpetrator is now the justice minister, the perpetrator is now the radical leftist who is the moderate. He’s moving to the center, don’t you know. This radical leftist all of a sudden has moved to the center. By avoiding at all costs a showdown, slash, shutdown, we are now weaker as we proceed with other opportunities. Now, I’m eternally optimistic. This is not to say some of these Republicans won’t step up now. It still amazes me that the light of day still has to happen every day for some people to see it. But it does. It’s just the way of the world. Some of these Republicans will step up. I want to strongly encourage them to. Now is your time. I hear so many politicians say, “Yeah, I want to make a difference.” This is your time. I would strongly encourage the Tea Party freshmen to step up.

I would strongly encouragement the Republican caucus to step up. Rather than applaud and marvel at or analyze or whatever the kind of behavior we are going to get tomorrow from President Obama, we need to expose it and then encourage bolder behavior on our part. We are weaker now because the GOP has shown that they are deathly afraid of using their only hammer, government shutdown. We’ve shown that all you gotta do is start talking about that and intimate that the media will blame us for it and it’s like showing the cross to Dracula. Just remember, when a Democrat says he’s gonna reduce deficits, he’s going to raise taxes. When a conservative says he’s gonna reduce deficits, he means cut spending. By the way, the budget bill is finally at 451 pages. It’s a PDF. The continuing resolution, whatever you want to call it. It’s just been posted online, and it’s complicated. How does that happen, 451 pages for $38 and a half billion dollars in cuts.


RUSH: We’re gonna start in Chicago, by the way. This is John. Thank you for waiting, sir, and welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Rush, it’s truly a pleasure to be speaking with you. My question is… You know, I’m a conservative; I’m happy that we got a small win here, but I’m wondering. You know, when we take a look these cuts that were made — you know, considering they’re not really cutting the deficit, they’re really just slowing the growth of the deficit — would we have been better off letting Obama and the Democrats have their way in this debate and being able to say, “Hey, this is his mess. He’s responsible for what’s going on”?

RUSH: No, no, no, no, no.

CALLER: Well, what —

RUSH: No, no, no! We’ve got two years of that! We had an election in November that was a Democrat shellacking. People don’t need to learn that lesson. They’ve already learned it. They see what Obamaism does to the country. That’s why there’s a Tea Party, that’s why the Republicans won huge in November. It was an anti-Obama, anti-Democrat election. There’s no reason to let this guy win anything. This guy’s gotta be stopped politically. This guy has got to be politically defeated at each and every turn. Now, look: These were actual cuts in this $38 billion, $2 billion, $28 billion, whatever. This was actually cuts. These were not reductions in the rate of growth.

I just want to, again, emphasize here: It’s being spun today. After three days of spin as a big win for Boehner and the Republicans, now that the details are out, it’s being spun as a big win for Obama. The independents love Obama, don’t like Boehner. Independents love the Democrats, don’t like Republicans. That’s the latest CNN poll. Now, this was gonna happen no matter what the outcome here. But this notion of, you know, losing the election so that Democrats can see how bad the left is? Nope, nope, nope. Besides, it’s already happened. The Tea Party is the result of the people of this country seeing what unchecked liberalism will do when guided by, led by the most radical leftist “progressive” ever to seek office in this country.

That includes Woodrow Wilson and FDR.


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