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RUSH: By the way, CNN just had a crawl up, a graphic — get this– claiming that for every 10 cents price increase in gasoline, highway deaths are reduced by 2.3%. Now, how can Obama lose with a media like that? So now all of a sudden gas prices going up saves lives; gas prices going up is great news!

Okay, then, why stop at five bucks a gallon? Let’s go to ten bucks a gallon and reduce highway deaths by 10%. This is how this works. Look, this is why — I’m sorry for the long monologues today, but this is why — we can’t succeed if we’re gonna be overwhelmingly concerned what people think of us. CNN? We’re never gonna get a fair shake out of them. We shouldn’t even make it one of our objectives. (long sigh) I guess some of us want to be guest commentators on CNN. Who the hell knows?


RUSH: Jim Avila, ABC’s World News Tonight had a report about gasoline prices approaching the five dollar per gallon mark, and there’s also another guy in this, Moody’s Analytics economist Chris Lafakis, fill-in anchor George Stephanopoulos. Here’s the exchange.

AVILA: The dreaded five-dollar mark. It’s a price point economists say will hurt not only personal budgets but could thwart the recovery.

LAFAKIS: We’re right on the cusp. It’s not gonna take too much more of an increase in oil prices to start triggering these changes in consumption behavior. There’s nothing more pernicious for the economy than an increase in oil prices. It acts as a tax.

AVILA: A tax that does little to benefit the American taxpayer. It doesn’t pay police and firefighters. In fact, 60% of the oil dollar goes overseas. And, George, that’s a transfer of wealth no one here wants to see.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Absolutely not.

RUSH: Oh, wow, they’re lamenting the high price revenue not going to government. It’s going overseas. And of course the gas tax is a locked-in number no matter how high the price goes, I think the tax, federal tax, stays the same, and they’re upset about that.


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