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RUSH: Last night on On the Record, Greta Van Susteren, she talked to Donald Trump. And she said, “Rush Limbaugh says the GOP caved in the recent fight over the continuing resolution, a 2011 fiscal budget that was hammered out Friday,” and they had this exchange.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you agree with Rush Limbaugh that the GOP caved?

TRUMP: Well, I’m a fan of Rush. I like Rush a lot. I think it’s step-by-step. Certainly they probably wanted a little more, but if you look at the pundits, they’re all saying that Obama lost big and the Democrats lost big. But I think it’s a step-by-step issue, and next year will really be telling.

RUSH: That was last night, don’t forget, and he had not seen the media that came out today that talked about, “Hey, you know what, after we’ve looked at all this Obama was a big winner because really they counted a bunch of stuff from a previous Obama budget that hadn’t been spent.” You know there’s some money previously allocated not like TARP, but you know there’s unspent TARP money, there are other elements of the budget where money hasn’t been spent where they got some of that money and applied it to this. It was originally thought that about $6 billion unspent from the census budget was applied here to reach the 38, turns out that was not the case but things like that did happen, and the Donald didn’t know that last night. So Van Susteren said, “Our debt ceiling is the next big issue. The president, when Senator, said he would vote ‘no’ to raise the debt ceiling. Now he wants to raise it. What is your position?”

TRUMP: Unless they come up with some really good ideas and come up with them fast, I wouldn’t do it. I’d force them to the fire, I’d make sure that they come out and straighten out this mess that we have, because our country is a financial mess, and unless you’re gonna straighten it out, and you have to do it quickly, ’cause we’re gonna end up being like some of the worst countries in Europe. We’re gonna end up being literally, if you look at what’s happening with China, if you look at what’s happening with some of the other countries, what they’re doing to us, until we can straighten that mess out, we’re gonna have to do something with the debt ceiling.

RUSH: People are still trying to figure out, what is he doing, what is his objective? And my e-mail is running the gamut. Some people think that he’s actually running at the behest of Democrats, Rahm Emanuel, to so split the Republican Party, to get him to support, run as a third party or to cause a third party splinter. Other people are saying, “Rush, remember how you were right about Perot? We’re looking at Perot 2 here. This is the second coming of Perot,” and people are urging me not to get sucked in here by this. This guy is really going out on a limb. This birth certificate thing, I mean really going out on a limb for what purpose? I mean people can’t imagine he’s doing this without somebody urging him to do it for an ultimate payoff down the line. Some people just can’t accept that things are what they are. I have no answer. I’m just sharing with you here what people are saying to me in the e-mail. So then, Wall Street Journal website, Kelly Evans interviewed Trump, who’s everywhere now. And during a discussion about him possibly running for president, question: “If you don’t get the nomination as a Republican, will you run as an independent?”

TRUMP: I’m thinking about that. I’m very conservative. To be honest with you, I think it would be very, very bad for the Republican Party. I could also possibly win as an independent, otherwise I wouldn’t do it. I’m not doing it for any other reason, because I like winning. The concern is that if I don’t win, will I run as an independent, and the answer is probably yes, and that bothers me only from the standpoint that if I don’t win we’re not gonna get a Republican and Obama gets reelected.

RUSH: So why do it? That’s an amazing answer. “The concern is if I don’t win, will I run as an independent, the answer is probably yes, and that bothers me.” (laughing) I gotta get him back on here. I gotta get Trump back on. Cut through all this noise and see what’s actually going on here. This is what, Tuesday? I think I can do that by the end of the week.


RUSH: Okay, gonna try to get Trump on one day this week. We should be able to do that. Actually, you know, I think Trump might actually be the real illegal alien here. I mean, you say what you will, but he is once again actually doing a job that most Americans wouldn’t touch. He fits the bill in that regard.


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