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RUSH: I don’t have kids and grandkids, but I do have dogs and a cat — and Abbey is depressed. I didn’t think dogs could get depressed. Now, I don’t want you dog owners getting upset with me here, but I was out in Hawaii for a while. We put Abbey at a daycare center and we got the other puppy over at an obedience school. Now, this is the first time the two little sheepdogs… Well, “little” — Abbey is two, and Wellesley, I think her first birthday just happened.

But they’re inseparable together, they’re inseparable. They’ve been separated here since the 27th of March, and Kathryn is not back from Hawaii visiting her parents. I, of course, got back, I was only there for four days, got Abbey back from the daycare center, the school, and she’s running around looking for Kathryn; she’s running around looking for Wellesley; she’s just depressed. I mean, she loves being around me, but this is the first time the dogs have been separated. So I’ve got Abbey out helping the grounds crew today do the gardening and washing the car. Abbey’s helping them just to have some exposure to people while I’m here working to pay the bills. We get Wellesley out of the obedience school on Monday. So I’ve got a depressed dog when I go home! Gosh, if it’s not the budget, it’s something.


RUSH: I’m telling you, Snerdley, the dog is depressed. I know that sounds strange, but I’ve never seen the dog as morose. I mean I thought the dog would be happy to see me and it was, but I mean when Kathryn gets home that dog is gonna come to life times ten, or when Wellesley comes home. Well, yeah, we don’t spoil the dog. I mean I give treats, you know. I’m sure I get the grunge treats to give. I’m sure Kathryn sneaks her the good stuff, but still I try.


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