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The Congressional Budget Office has scored the so-called “historic” budget deal the magnificent “compromise” between Obama, Dingy Harry, and House Speaker Boehner. Now, are you sitting down for this?

The $38 billion that was supposed to be saved by the end of this budget year will not be realized. The CBO estimates the real savings will be in the neighborhood of $352 million. That’s million, with an “m” … not “billion.” BUT. When you add in the cost of running three wars the budget deal will actually increase total federal spending by $3.3 billion.

Let’s review how we got here. When Democrats controlled the White House, the Senate, and the House they failed to deliver a budget – because it was an election year. Despite that, the Tea Party led the way to a Republican majority in the House – and we were promised $100 billion in real spending cuts.

Four months later, that morphed into a $61 billion promise. Then, after sitting on the sidelines, Obama jumped into the fray. He and Dingy Harry threatened to shut down the government – and not pay the military … fighting three wars – if abortionists at Planned Parenthood lost taxpayer funding. So: the $61 billion became $38 billion. We had a deal. Boehner was declared the winner – for a weekend. And we were told the take-away lesson was “compromise.”

Now the CBO says that when all is said and done, the $38 billion savings is actually a $3 billion increase. Washington “deal-making” is killing America! Here’s the real take-away: It’s tea-time.

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