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RUSH: Is the news media gonna have to go back and rewrite all their stories from last December, the whole series of stories they filed during the lame duck where they wrote about the “Obama tax cuts” here, the “Obama tax cuts” there? Yesterday, in case you’re still curious as to who Barack Obama is, you got the real guy. That was Barack Obama yesterday. That was Barack Obama unplugged; it was Barack Obama unrestrained, unchanged, whatever. Barack Obama would rather give hundreds of billions of dollars to community activists than to reform Medicare. Barack Obama rather would give hundreds of billions of dollars to government unions and ACORN and the like, rather than reform Medicaid.

By the way, reforming Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, has gotta happen, folks, to save the country as it’s been founded. These are crucial things requiring strong, competent leadership. We do not have it, we never have had it in this president or administration, regime. We’ve been defrauded. It’s a complete fraud. This administration is complete fraud. As Paul Ryan pointed out, on the Sunday shows, discussing all of these salient points about the budget, our solvency, they send out a campaign guy: David Plouffe. They don’t send out somebody from the regime, the Office of Management and Budget or somebody like that.

Of course they’re all frauds, too, but still they didn’t even make any pretense. So, no, we’re gonna give money to ACORN. We’re not gonna fix Medicare. We’re gonna give money to government unions. We’re gonna keep our money laundering operation going on rather than fix Medicaid. Obama would rather give hundreds of billions of dollars to environmentalist wackos and “invest” in what he knows to be a totally fraudulent enterprise, that being “green energy,” as a suitable capable replacement for current energy sources. Folks, it’s insane. There is no replacement for oil right now. There’s no replacement for coal.

There’s no replacement for how we generate our energy. Zilch! You can dream, you can hope, you can pretend that we’re on the way to utopia, but we’re not and it doesn’t exist. But that doesn’t stop him. He’ll give hundreds of billions of dollars to that effort, rather than grow the private sector which is where standard of living is increased, which is where economic opportunity and prosperity reside. No, we’re not gonna strengthen that. Obama would rather increase the number of bureaucrats than promote private sector job growth. He would rather fund more abortions than pay the US military their salaries.

Why in the world (I will never understand this) were we afraid of that debate last week? When it came to the potential shutdown over this silly continuing resolution which now we’re told by the CBO (to the extent we trust ’em) that has done a final analysis… You know how much money was actually cut? Not $38.5 billion. Not $20 billion. It was $352 million. All of this was over $352 million, and we’re still being told from the salons and the upper echelons on our side it was a big win. I kid you not. But last week, we were talking about this: Why in the world, what are we afraid of in this debate?

They will not pay the military, which is at war, but they are gonna go to plant the flag and they’re gonna go to the grave on the fact that they’re gonna continue to pay Planned Parenthood. They will continue and they will not compromise on paying for abortions. But they will not pay the military. Why are we afraid of that debate? Folks, this is actually… I could go through a further list of other comparison — and in the real world, it’s almost too easy. Beating Obama and beating the left right now, it’s almost too easy. It isn’t hard. We have the simple best weapon anyone can have in a debate like this on our side. That’s the truth. Obama has to lie. His entire life’s a lie, his entire political career is a lie, his regime is a lie.

All we have to do is tell the truth and we win, and somehow we remain tepid in our energy for that.


RUSH: The Republicans need to take Barack Hussein Obama on: Throw his positions right back at him, unravel his BS, and advance American principles. For example, his speech yesterday was actually embarrassingly bad when you watch it and you realize it’s being given by president — and, you know, he could never have given that speech at nighttime. He couldn’t have. Have you even given that any thought? Did you ever stop to think about it? He could not have given that speech in primetime. He could not have given that speech from the Oval Office. That’s how un-presidential it was. It was a disgrace. It was embarrassing.

According to Obama, if you are not a compassionate socialist like he is you want to harm children, the sick, the elderly; you are totally comfortable with them dying — and yet who today is harming children, the sick and the elderly by destroying the core principles that uphold the society? Whose health care plan will ration their deaths? Who is destroying the financial status of the country — and, with it, the future of the children, the sick, and the elderly? Who wants to ration wealth? Who wants to ration health care? It’s not us. We want prosperity for everybody. We want as many people as seek it to experience success.

We don’t begrudge anybody, and we don’t hate those who are successful, and we don’t think they deserve to be punished, and we do not consider them suspects. They’re not guilty of anything. I’ve about had it with this notion that the successful (the wealthy, however you define it) got there by stealing it from the poor. I’ve never understood the math on that. It has never added up to me, how anybody can get rich stealing anything from the poor. Yet they say it each and every day. Who is it, ladies and gentlemen, that’s destroying the value of your savings and pension and paycheck? Who’s doing this?

This regime. Obama.

Whose policies are causing the price of basic necessities — food, gasoline — to skyrocket? Folks, as I said, it’s almost too easy. This doesn’t require a bunch of message specialists. It doesn’t require focus groups. It doesn’t require polling data. We don’t have to go out and ask people various questions to learn how they want to hear us speak. We have the truth on our side. We have never, ever had a great opportunity to contrast who we are with that which we oppose. In the old days we had to, a lot of times, define our opposition because they lie about who they are. So we were always having to say, “No, no, no. They’re not what you think. They are this and that and the other thing.”

Well, we don’t have to say a word, and it’s proven by the fact that the independents — these precious, God love ’em — independents abandoned the Democrat Party in droves just last November, and we didn’t do anything to attract ’em. We just happened to be there. The biggest claim to fame the Republicans had was that they weren’t Democrats. They didn’t have a plan, they didn’t have an agenda, they didn’t go out and woo any voters. Independents just abandoned Democrats. It’s plain as day to anybody paying attention: If you want a prosperous country, if you a robust future, it ain’t with this regime. People know this.

That’s why I say, “How in the world, last week, were we afraid of the debate that was presented to us?” The regime, Obama calls it a “distraction” to have a retired or a piece of legislation that would actually pay uniformed military personnel in combat operations their paychecks. Yes, my friends, that’s a distraction. No, you can’t saddle us with that! But the regime planted the flag on funding for Planned Parenthood. Why are we afraid of that debate? I’d take that debate to the American people any day of the week.

“American people,” I would say, in an address to the nation, “the administration is refusing in our budget talks as we attempt to fund another ten days of the government’s operation. They are refusing to pay military people in combat. They’re refusing our efforts to have them paid if there’s a government shutdown. They are also demanding that abortions continue to happen, paid for with federal dollars during a government shutdown.” How do we lose that? We don’t! We do not lose that. The only entity, by the way, that can get rich by stealing is government — and yesterday it was Obama explaining how he plans on stealing, for his party and for the government. Here is Paul Ryan. He was invited by Obama to attend the speech yesterday at George Washington University.

Ryan and the other Republicans who were invited actually thought that the invitation meant that Obama was going to seriously respond to Ryan’s budget proposal. Ryan should have known better. Ryan attended the health care town hall, whatever it was, the summit at the White House where he presented a couple of options, and President’s look — if looks could kill, Ryan would be in the hospital to this day. The President did not like what Ryan said. This President is not interested in opposing views. He’s not interested in compromise. He’s not interested in maintaining the country as founded. Biden fell asleep, but it should have been Ryan who fell asleep. Ryan stayed awake.

Here are a couple of bites of what he thought. This is this morning in Washington. He spoke about Obama in a speech. Fred Barnes, the moderator, says, “What are the prospects for a grand bargain?” See, this… I love Fred Barnes, everybody does, but there can’t be a “bargain” with this guy. We’ve got to stop thinking bargain. I don’t care on what, be it a budget or anything else, folks, there is nothing. There’s not one part of Obama’s agenda I want to compromise with. There’s not one part of it that I want to see implemented. It’s got to be defeated. This is no different than if during the eighties Reagan was arguing with Mikhail Gorbachev about our budget. Were we going to “compromise” with the leader of the Soviet Union on our budget? That’s what’s happening here, for all intents and purposes.

Anyway, here’s Ryan’s response…

PAUL RYAN: This hurts, definitely damages them. I think when you go after your political adversaries with the kind of demagogic terms and comparisons that the president did, that makes it harder. I forgot whose quote this was — maybe it was Churchill — but he was basically a pyromaniac in a field of straw men. I mean, to set up all these straw men arguments and then to tear them down, it’s almost as if he wanted to paint his political adversaries — supposedly us — in a cartoonish kind of a way, in a caricature, as if we want to hurt people’s grandparents; we’re against families who have children with autism and disabilities; and we don’t want kids to go to college. I mean that’s basically what I got out of the president’s speech yesterday.

RUSH: Yeah, and he said it, Mr. Ryan. He said it for a reason: Because Obama’s base believes it. You have to understand. I’ve been here, folks. It’s the old “been here, done that.” The Democrats used this stuff. To us it sounds ridiculous, and we say to ourselves, “Who in the world is going to believe that we want to actually kill people with autism? Who’s gonna believe that?” They do believe that about us, and that’s why he’s saying it. He’s saying it to the deranged people that make up his voting base who believe it.

Remember my story: I’m speaking at GOPAC, 1995, we’re in the midst of the budget battle; the Democrats are accusing us of wanting to cut back on the school lunch program and on Medicare and Medicaid; and the charge is out there that seniors gonna have to be eating dog food. So I open up my remarks at GOPAC by suggesting that I’m happy to be participating in this new plan that will require American senior citizens to eat dog food. But I am so excited about it, and I feel I have so much compassion, I called my mother and I said, “Don’t worry about it. I’m gonna get you a new can opener so you can get to the dog food easier.”

Pat Schroeder thought I meant it! She went to the floor of the House to say so! It’s one of the most hilarious examples. You know, I was “illustrating absurdity by being absurd,” but she believed it! She believed it because that’s what they think of us. No matter how ridiculous, no matter how absurd we think these allegations are, you must believe me — don’t doubt me — there are voters in what they would consider their mainstream who believe, folks, that we want to get rid of Granny — when it’s they who have the plan to do it. They have people who believe we don’t care about children with autism.

They have people who believe it. That’s why Obama said it. It is why he copped that attitude. Obama has lost independents. He’s losing the black vote. The polling data for Obama is going down. As it is now, he’s down double digits in Pennsylvania. I know it’s early, but he’s an incumbent. These are not good numbers for any incumbent at any time. So what they’re doing is they’re not even making any pretense now at trying to woo the independents. They’re simply trying to shore up their base. That’s why he went and spent some time with Reverend Sharpton at that convention. You would think he’s got the black vote wrapped up. He doesn’t.

You might be saying, “Where else are they gonna go?” They sit out. You know, if they’re not energized, they’ll sit out. But the point is right now he has got to shore up his base. That’s what he was doing yesterday. They want mean-spiritedness. They want vindictiveness. They want to hear these allegations about us from him, because they believe them. So I caution Congressman Ryan. He’s sitting there, he’s listening to himself being described this way, and he’s saying, “This is absurd. How in the world…?” It’s basically what we got outta the speech yesterday that we’re this and we’re that. Congressman, you may think I’m nuts but I urge you to listen. Don’t doubt me. I know what I’m talking about. I know liberals, I know the American left, and the base of this party believe that about us. Make no mistake.


RUSH: I’ll just speak for myself. I get so frustrated here over our apparent willingness to take ’em on. You’ve heard the old phrase?

I remember playing high school football, and we were playing a team in our conference, and we coulda sworn there were three or four guys that were 21 on the other team that had been in jail a couple years for murder. I mean, this was the story that that team put out. So we’re sitting there, and we’re a little frightened, and our coach says, “No, no, no!” He even said it back then. He said that team, just like Hillary Clinton, “They put on their pants one leg at a time. They’re no different than you guys are.” We end up believing all these stories of invincibility, particularly about Obama. But they’re paper tigers. They really are not serious or honest people, and the positions that they have staked out for themselves are not that hard, because we have the truth on our side in any debate with them.


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