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RUSH: Just listen — just listen — to Obama. “We cannot spend what we don’t take in.” We are going to have cuts without making cuts, according to Obama. My point is this guy is so beatable. This is what animates me, frustrates me a little bit — only because we don’t have anybody on our side willing to say it yet. We’re still running around cowering in all kinds of fear. I know. I know. “Being on the radio and acquiring an audience is not the same thing as running for office and getting the votes.” But, still, we do not have to act afraid of this guy. Look, according to Obama — just from this sorry excuse for a speech today.

That speech that he gave on the budget in front of Paul right, that’s as dissectible as this thing today is. Now, he said today — if you strip it all down to its basics, Obama said — he’s not responsible for the deficit. That’s what he says here. On one hand (impression), “Uhhhhh, I am not responsible for the deficit. I inherited alllll these major problem,” but he wants credit for all the new money going into old and new programs! He wants the credit for the expansion of Obamacare. He wants the credit for building of a new entitlement.

He’s not responsible for the deficit but he wants credit for all the new spending, and he rejects any cuts in any of these programs. Yet he’s not responsible for the deficit. Folks, it really is so easy to pick this guy apart, to take his speeches, to break them down into a collection of lies and contradictions that they are. (sigh) They just better not screw this up in the months ahead, the Republicans. I mean, he is delivering himself to us on a silver platter! I guess that’s my ultimate take on this. I watched this speech…

Folks, to show you how we go with the flow here, I have gotten to two stories! I worked four or five hours last night, another six or seven hours this morning prepping the show and I’ve gotten to two stories that I prepped because this stupid speech he gave is rife with opportunity! This stupid speech is a glorious, golden opportunity of exactly the kind of chance we’ve got (sigh) if they don’t screw it up. Good God! “We can’t spend more than we take in”? (groans) Really? It is identical to Colonel Sanders going on a tour say, “We gotta stop killing chickens in order to keep our Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants profitable.” The shareholders would put him in a home!


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