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RUSH: Obama, where was he? He was at the Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale. Let me just give you one sound bite of this. This audio sound bite number 24. I think we can squeeze this in just to set the stage ’cause there’s more of this to come.

OBAMA: This is not because we want to punish success. I suspect there are a bunch of young people in this gym that are gonna end up being wealthy, and that’s good.

RUSH: Yeah.

OBAMA: But we are gonna have to ask everybody to sacrifice — and if we’re asking community colleges to sacrifice, if we asking people who are gonna see potentially fewer services in their neighborhoods, then we can ask millionaires and billionaires to make a little sacrifice. I’ll tell you what I’m not gonna do. We’re not gonna reduce the deficit by sacrificing investments in our infrastructure.

RUSH: When are you gonna start?

OBAMA: We’re not gonna allow our roads and our bridges to grow more and more congested while places like China are building new roads and new airports and thousands of mile of high-speed rail.

RUSH: This is idiocy, folks. It is incompetent idiocy.


RUSH: This is Obama. He’s explaining the deficit and how he’s gonna reduce it to the students at Northern Virginia Community College, and I looked at it, and throughout most of the speech — he had this audience, a “mixed audience” sitting behind Obama. That’s always put together in assembled structure in a certain way to make it look like a diverse audience that is America. There was even a guy wearing a doctor’s coat sitting in the background. It looked like a doctor’s white coat, lab coat. For most of the time they had a vacant look, wouldn’t you agree with this, Snerdley?

They had vacant look on their faces, like they weren’t really paying much attention, and then he would come to one or two areas where they obviously got jazzed, that money for education, or bashing the rich, or millionaires sacrificing more, they would come to life. But even when they came to life, Obama was rambling. It was sort of mindless twaddle that was coming out of his mouth. Like this. “We don’t want to punish success.” The hell you don’t! The whole point of redistribution is based on the successful don’t deserve it, because they’ve done nothing to earn it. They have been lucky — and more than that, they’ve been lucky probably by cheating the people that don’t have as much as they do.

So he says, “This is not because we want to punish success.” The hell they don’t. They damn well do. It’s one of the leftist credos: punish achievement. He said, “I suspect a bunch of young people in this gym are gonna end up being wealthy, and that’s good. But we’re gonna have to have to ask everybody to sacrifice — and if we’re asking community colleges to sacrifice, if we’re asking people who are going to see potentially fewer services in their neighborhoods…” Why? Why they gonna see fewer services in their neighborhoods? And as to this community college, I wonder how many donations or contributions or whatever it gets from the public.

I wonder how many people already are giving? In fact, this whole word “sacrifice” here, these people define sacrifice as, “You allowing us to take your money.” Well, Obama had a chance. We just saw his tax returns. He had a chance to not take any deductions. He had a chance to pay the full 35% tax rate and he didn’t. He didn’t do any sacrificing. Whoever did his taxes went in there, took advantage of any option that Obama had and the same thing with Bite Me. One of them paid 23% and the other paid 27%, I forget which. Obama paid 27%. But this whole idea — “if the community college is gonna sacrifice, and we’re gonna have fewer services in neighborhoods, we can ask millionaires and billionaires to make a little sacrifice.”

That whole premise offends me because it assumes that millionaires and billionaires are greedy, selfish unto themselves, giving nothing away. (snorts) Where would this community college be without the community of wealthy people that live in it, more than likely? But even without that, just this assumption, this whole class envy business is being ratcheted up now as we move forward into this campaign, the presidential campaign of 2012, and I’m telling you nothing good comes from it. All it does is breed resentment and hatred for people. You know, it used to be… There’s a story in the Stack of Stuff, a poll here. Here it is. AP. Listen to this.

AP conducted a poll of young Americans between 18 and 24, which clearly would encompass the age of the students at this community college where Obama went, and the poll found many of these students (young people) “define the American dream as life getting better for each new generation, but they now think that’s a myth, that their own lives improving is not a reality.” Their lives getting better than their parents, it’s a myth. “Forty percent think it’s gonna be harder to raise a family and have the lifestyle they desire. Seventy-five percent believe that they’ll have a tougher time than their parents and think the current economy is in poor shape.

“A very high number are worried about their parents’ financial condition as well, and that worry is driven by fear as well as love. Half these youngsters remain dependent on their parents,” they can’t yet stand on their own two feet. “The future looks decidedly gloomy for a lot of American youth.” Can you blame ’em? Look at what they’re subjected to in their classrooms and on television every day. Now, AP did not make this important link in reporting their poll, but these kids who are looking at the and seeing not much of one are the same kids that went out and voted for Obama and the Democrats in droves in 2008. These were the kids waving the Obama signs and making the pro-Obama videos for social networks.

They were celebrating the end of the Bush era, whether they ended up voting or not. That audience he was speaking to were the people that thought he was gonna be the guy that made their future rosy and happier than they had ever dreamed. These were the kids that bought in to the “hope and change” mantra. They drank the Obama Messiah Kool-Aid, and they did it in one big gulp. So it’s three years later now, and according to a poll of these people they have diminished economic prospects. Their perception of their own future is bleak, they’re still dependent on their parents, and they think the American dream is a myth.

So they got the change but there’s not a whole lot of hope here. But, see, all is not lost. The American dream is bigger than Obama. A one-term, failed Obama presidency could be the biggest teachable moment in generations. Now, we’re gonna need a very active opposition party helping to make that claim. But here’s Obama out now, and what is he doing? Here are these kids and he just told ’em (impression): “Some of you, some of you probably gonna be wealthy someday. That’s good,” and then he spends the rest of the sound bite telling ’em how they’re targets! “Yep. Well, some of you gonna be rich. Gonna be wealthy (chuckles) but not for long, after we get through with you!”

Well, that’s what he’s saying, and then to cite China over and over! What happened to all of our infrastructure rebuilding? We had a nearly $1 trillion Porkulus bill to do just that. We now know it was a money laundering bill for unions at the state and local level. That’s all it was. It was an Obama slush fund. The stimulus bill was nothing more than a pile of money to keep state, unionized government people employed while everybody else was losing their jobs during the recession. There wasn’t one new road built. All that “infrastructure” stuff, and he has the audacity to come out and say, “Look at what the ChiComs are doing! They’re building airports, they’re building roads.”

Well, we allocated nearly a trillion dollars to it and we haven’t built one highway! We haven’t rebuilt one school. By the way, did you note that Obama in his sound bite here did not mention also all of the prisons, all of the gulags, and other forms of punishment that the Chinese are building? Obama also does not mention that the ChiComs have in jail the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Winner — and Obama didn’t tell these kids that he hosted a state dinner for the head ChiCom, Hu Jintao. Obama himself is a Peace Prize winner. He got his prize on the come. Of course where is the peace out there? There isn’t any peace, it hasn’t broke out.

None of what anybody was promised happened, particularly these kids the idealistic ones. You can’t blame ’em. They’re the ones that always believe in a message that’s tailored to them. They’re young. Everything’s about you when you’re young. Everything’s “me, me, me, me, me,” and you could see the way they responded today. Government spending and education. Yay! Standing ovation. Rip into Big Oil. Yay! Standing ovation. Talk about clearing energy so forth. Yay! Standing ovation. Well, there wasn’t one standing ovation, but still lots of applause. One more bite here, maybe a couple more before the break. Now, this is absurd, this next. This is a willful and purposeful distortion of Paul Ryan’s budget plans regarding Medicare and Medicaid.

OBAMA: What would happen under this proposal is you’d get a set amount of money. You could then go out into the private marketplace and buy insurance, but if the voucher you were gettin’ was f’r six or $7,000 and the insurance company said it’s gonna cost you $12,000, well, you’re gonna have to make up that difference. So your health care costs keep on goin’ up and up and up. The voucher doesn’t, each year more and more costs comin’ out of pocket. Now, I think that is the wrong way to go. That would fundamentally change Medicare as we know it, and I’m not… I’m not gonna sign up for that.

RUSH: No, there’s no way in Obamaville that anybody’s gonna pay for anything on their own. (interruption) They don’t know anything about Medicare. They’re applauding the concept, Snerdley. This is the trick. They’re applauding the concept that health care is going to be paid for by the state. They think it’s a right. They’ve been subjected to that claim. They’re not intellectually developed enough yet to understand what the guy’s really talking about. He throws out these numbers. (interruption) Yeah, they know there’s a state, government, what have you. (interruption)

No, they don’t know that they are the state. They don’t know that. They don’t know that they’re paying for themselves. What they’re hearing Obama say is that somebody else is gonna pay for it. There’s a duty for someone else to pay for their health care. Nobody should have to pay for their health care. That’s what they hear Obama saying and respond (clapping), “Yep, yep! Right on, right on, right on,” and yet he spends a lot of other time talking about how we gotta get the deficit down. I mean, it really was unserious. It wasn’t elegant. There was nothing in it that was accurate. It was not presidential. It was not inspiring. It was a rambling mess.

He would never even try this town hall to a bunch of adults other than union people.


RUSH: How many of you have a positive reaction when the president of the United States tells an audience of college kids, or any other audience, that we ought to be more like China? No, seriously, how many of you go, “Yeah, yeah, man, that’s the ticket. That’s what we need to do. We need to be more like China.” That’s what he’s doing. Remember, now, China is still building gulags, still building prison camps, and if you have the wrong religious beliefs you better not get caught practicing them.

I’ve got an idea. As you know, ladies and gentlemen, I, El Rushbo, am full of them. Obama keeps talking about billionaires and millionaires, that they’ve gotta sacrifice, it’s not right what they do, who they are, how they operate. So how about this: How about Obama announce today that he will no longer accept donations from any of the people he plans to raise taxes on, anybody who makes $250,000 or more, anybody who needs to be sacrificing, the people who aren’t sacrificing and who need to be, by definition those are the people that make $250,000, that would encompass millionaires and billionaires but also would encompass a lot of people who aren’t millionaires and billionaires. But that’s who he’s gonna punish. Those are the people who are not sacrificing enough, 250 grand and up. So let’s just say, Mr. President, you no longer will accept donations from these people because they don’t represent American values. They don’t send the right message to the young people in this country. They’ve got too much money and they don’t share it enough. They’re not sacrificing. They don’t give enough of it away.

So how about you stop taking political donations from these people? How many people that own dry cleaners, restaurants, gas stations which net over $250,000 a year are millionaires and billionaires? He continually talks about raising taxes on millionaires and billionaires when he really means individuals who make over $200,000 a year. That’s couples, individuals who make over $200,000. So what is this billionaire millionaire mantra? You don’t have to be a millionaire to be in this guy’s crosshairs. All you have to do as an individual is make 200 grand or as a couple make 250 and you have a bull’s-eye painted on the front and back of your shirt. Now, you’re gonna have to make up the difference in cost. You students, health care, you’re gonna have to make up the difference in cost in federal subsidy. Obama is saying that’s unfair. The government should pay for everything when it comes to health care, that’s what these students believe. It’s only fair because the government’s not them. The government’s not their neighbors. The government is not tax revenue. They don’t understand it yet.

And I had to mention this to Trump and I’ll mention this I don’t care how many times, Ryan is talking about future Medicare recipients, not current or soon to be. Nobody has proposed current Medicare recipients, that we change the rules in the middle of the game while they are in the receiving mode. That’s not gonna happen. It’s gonna happen years out with sufficient time for people to plan for it, but it can’t go on like this anymore. Total subsidizing of health care retirement, whatever, it can’t go on. There isn’t the money for it. Obama doesn’t have the courage to tell these young skulls full of mush that Medicare won’t even exist when they become of age. He leaves that part outta his propaganda. This is an illustration of how liberalism is a gutless choice. It’s the easiest choice that you could make. All you gotta do is go up and pander and demagogue and propagandize like Obama does. He doesn’t tell these young students that it is they who are paying for these programs today and it is they who will have no Medicare when they are of age. So Obama’s going out there to this community college, he’s lying to these students, he’s lying to the youths of America just as he insists on compelling them to pay for something they will never benefit from. This is Bernie Madoff. This is not Barack Obama. This is Bernie Madoff, and he’s selling a lie over and over and over again.


RUSH: You know, Obama didn’t tell his audience at the junior college that half of them would be dead if they were in China, that half being the girls who are done away with under the one child policy. Everybody seems to want sons, which of course angers the feminazis. So the jury’s still out.


RUSH: We were talking about Obama’s town hall meeting today before the young skulls full of mush that Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, Virginia. And one of the things that Obama said to these students early on, talking about the budget, the deficit, he actually said we can’t spend more than we take in. We just can’t do it. You can’t do it at home and we at the federal government, we can’t spend more we take in. Now, if you are a rational person who has been paying attention for three years, you hear the president say that and you are incredulous. It would be like Colonel Sanders saying we have got to stop killing chickens. His whole agenda is predicated on spending this country into unrecoverable debt. So Obama stopping spending is the same as Colonel Sanders stop slaughtering chickens. Ain’t gonna happen. It would be just as incredulous if Obama said, “You know what? I was talking to Colonel Sanders, and he agrees, we’ve gotta stop killing chickens if our restaurants are to survive.”

Now, okay, what’s the purpose here? What’s the purpose? Some might say, “Man, this guy’s outta touch. How do you go up there and say that?” There is an answer to this. Look at it, my friends, through the prism that he’s running for reelection. What he’s doing, he’s not really speaking to those students. He’s giving speeches for national media, the sycophants that are the Drive-Bys. You want some names? I mean you know names. The hostettes and the anchors and anchorettes of the Nightly News, the hostettes and anchors of the morning news shows, the reporters at the White House press corpse. That’s to whom he’s a speaking. And so when he says, “We can’t spend more than we take in,” that’s a sound bite. He’s giving the national media a sound bite that they will then use uncritically up against what Paul Ryan is saying.

Now, Ryan, the Republicans are out there making these allegations. Obama is feckless with his spending, he’s irresponsible. Well, in light of that, President Obama today speaking to students said we can’t spend more than we take in. So they’ll use that sound bite he gave ’em today to compete with or to deal with any Republican saying he’s a profligate spender. That’s what he’s doing here, like the cliches the rich aren’t paying their fair share, we gotta raise taxes on the rich, all this stuff these guys want to hear anyway. So we’re gonna have these sound bites aired. This is a speech that is actually created for newscast sound bites. That’s what this is. I mean we can’t spend more than we take in, when his own budget spends $1.6 trillion that we don’t have. George Bush’s deficit his last year was between four or 500 billion. This guy’s three times that, the annual deficit. So you hear that, you’re incredulous. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Let’s go to audio sound bite 26, and, by the way, we got some more from this speech. Again, listen to this through the prism of the reelection campaign.

OBAMA: This probably my most important message today. I’m gonna need your help. I can’t afford to have all of you as bystanders in this debate. I want everybody to be in the game. I want you to hold me accountable; I want you to hold all of Washington accountable. There are powerful lobbies and special interests in Washington.

RUSH: Right.

OBAMA: And they’re gonna want to reduce the deficit on your backs, and if you are not heard, that’s exactly what’s gonna happen.

RUSH: That’s as disconnected, as out of touch as saying you can’t spend more than you take in. “This is probably my most important message. I’m gonna need your help. I can’t afford to have you as bystanders. I need everybody in the game. I want you to hold me accountable, and I want you to hold all of Washington. The powerful lobbyists are gonna try to reduce the deficit on your back.” You students, not only your back, but your kids and your kids’ backs, that’s now in debt we are. It’s already on your back. You students better wake up and understand, and hopefully they do. You can’t tell by looking at ’em how much of this is going over their heads or how many of them are clued in, but look at this AP poll, Snerdley, young people for a while have known there’s not gonna be any Social Security when they get there. Or have thought so.

Now they think that their opportunities to have a better financial life than their parents did are dwindling. I think some of them do. He’s gonna be able to get to some of them here, but the debt is already on your back. Reducing the debt, it’s already there. And furthermore, it’s on your children, our grandchildren, your children, and then your grandchildren’s debt. It’s already there. Now, what Obama’s gonna say to you here is that he’s gonna try to convince you that you still have a free ride as long as you stick with him. As long as you stick with him, nothing will be on your back. He’s gonna make sure it’s on the backs of these people earning $250,000 or more. All right, grab sound bite 27. It just kept on like this. It’s why the original assessment here, it’s rambling, it’s incoherent, it is unserious. It is all of that. But if you look at it as a campaign speech filled with sound bites for the national media to run from now until Election Day, just collect a stockpile or archive of ’em, then you will see this in a different way. Here he is talking about gasoline prices.

OBAMA: If you’re driving out of necessity 50 miles a day to work and you can’t afford to buy some fancy new hybrid car so you’re stuck with the old beater that is getting you eight miles a gallon, that’s pretty frustrating. Now, I wish I could tell you that there was some easy, simple solution to this. Now, one solution is making sure that we’re increasing production of US oil. And we have actually continually increased US production, so US production is as high as it’s ever been. The problem is we only have about two to three percent of the world’s oil reserves, and we use 25% of the world’s oil. So when you say we should be using traditional sources, the problem is we’ve got finite sources when it comes to oil, and that means we’ve gotta find some replacements.

RUSH: Folks, I don’t know where to start here. That’s not true. We’ve got far more oil than we are accessing, and we are not producing more than we ever have. He’s got a moratorium in place. He’s got a moratorium on drilling in place. There are market-based solutions. It’s called supply and demand and more oil, wherever you have to get it. But, anyway, it doesn’t fit his agenda. Let’s be clear about something else, these powerful lobbyists, many of whom work for him, many of whom work in the White House, most powerful lobbyists who he derides here, most of them want bigger government. They want government to help ’em. They want government to give to them. There’s a difference between a lobbyist who’s trying to protect his individual liberty and another who’s trying to steal from somebody else. The lobbyists working for Obama believe in big government going out and screwing as many other people as they can to get money to redistribute. Now, where do you think most of Obama’s buddies fall? What kind of lobbyists support Obama? The big government lobbyists, the one who want to steal and take and grow government. And he loves those lobbyists. He has a lot of them in the White House working for him. What do they do? They try to get tax breaks. They do any number of things.


RUSH: Eddie in the Bronx, great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush! I’ve been listening to ya since, oh, for…since y’started, and I’m a little nervous. But, you know, when you just said what you said about what he said yesterday, I just… I’m in my car waiting for my kid to get out of school, and I just screamed out the word “Liar!” I mean, it’s just so… Heh, heh, heh.

RUSH: I know. It’s the same thing with Clinton. It’s the same thing with every liberal or Democrat on things like, they just lie.

CALLER: It’s unbelievable — and something I wanted to call you about, well, a couple years ago was the way the man was elected by their overseas credit card contributions to his election campaign that allowed him to amass a half a billion dollars?

RUSH: Yeah, these are the donations under 250 bucks that don’t have to be tied to any individual. So you really didn’t know where they were coming from.

CALLER: Right. You know, God only knows. If you’re talking overseas, we could be talking about enemies of our republic.

RUSH: Well, it was a massive effort, there’s no question, to elect the guy.


RUSH: And, by the way, he’s thrown out now that his reelection campaign is gonna be a billion dollars. That’s how much he’s gonna raise. I think one of the reasons for doing that is to scare off any Democrats. I really do. ‘Cause it’s not gonna scare any Republican opposition off. I mean, whatever he’s gonna spend, some Republican is gonna run and win the nomination and run the campaign. I think that billion dollars is to scare the Clintons off. I think in the bowels of the White House, they look and they see that this country is in really bad shape, and that if somebody were bright enough politically it wouldn’t be hard to nail it all on Obama.

I think they’re a little bit worried about an interparty challenge and so you go out and say, “We’re gonna run a billion-dollar campaign,” and that’s designed to intimidate any potential Democrat challenger not to even mess with it. “Don’t even try. We’re gonna get a billion dollars. Don’t even think about it.” I think that’s the purpose of putting out the cost of the campaign. (interruption) How… (interruption) Ham’inna? (interruption) You talk about…? (interruption) Snerdley wants to know, “How does it look to people?”

If money in politics bothered people there would have been manifestations of it, but the people who spend the most are the ones that win for the most part. That’s what he’s saying comes up every year: People decry, they moan and whine about the amount of money in politics…and then they don’t. It isn’t that big a deal.


RUSH: One more sound bite from Obama. I guess this is Obama telling the students at Annandale, Virginia’s Northern Virginia Community College that he wants to live in a country that’s fair.

OBAMA: I believe that people who have been really blessed in the society like me have, you know, a very, very very good income can afford to pay a little bit more, nothing crazy, just go back to the rates that existed when Bill Clinton was president, why wouldn’t I want to make that sacrifice? Look, and I think most wealthy Americans feel the same way.


OBAMA: I want to live in a society that’s fair, not just outta charitable reasons, but because it improves my life. I looked at my tax reform, and I thought, hmm, you know, there’s a moment there where you look at the figure you’re paying, you say, “Wow, you know, let me think about my position on taxing the wealthy here.” I understand that. Nobody — nobody volunteers and says, “Boy, I’m just wild to pay more taxes.” I certainly don’t think my taxes should be even lower.

RUSH: Wait a minute, Mr. President, if you’re talking about fairness and you want to live in a fair country, why don’t you go ahead and pay the Clinton rates? Why did you take an effective rate of 27%? Why did you take all of your deductions? Why did you invest in unfairness? Why did you act unfair on your own? People can afford to pay a little more, nothing crazy, go back to Clinton rates, why wouldn’t I want to make that sacrifice? Maybe because we know it isn’t going to matter. Maybe we know, Mr. President, your real target is wealth and achievement. Maybe, Mr. President, we know that this is just step one in wiping out this certain class of people in America. (imitating Obama) “I think most wealthy Americans feel the same way. I want to live in a society that’s fair.” Most mature adults have a mature definition and understanding of fairness and at the top of the list it is that government cannot, will not, and will fail at attempting to enforce it. It’s a flawed premise anyway. Who gets to determine it? Who’s the arbiter of what’s fair. Why didn’t you just pay the 35% if you’re so embarrassed? Where’s the leadership here? So he’s wringing his hands, we just live in an unfair country and the rich want to pay more, you know, there’s nothing stopping ’em. They want a fair society, paying more will make ’em feel better. Again, sound bites, all his speech is are sound bites to be used during the campaign uncritically by the media in days to come, many days down the road to come.


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