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So, the AP conducted a poll of young Americans between 18 and 24. It found a great many of them think the American dream defined as, “life getting better for each new generation” is mythical … at least in their own lives.

Over 40 percent think it’s going to be harder to raise a family and have the lifestyle they desire; 75 percent believe they’ll have a tougher time than their parents, and think the current economy is in poor shape. A very high number are worried about their parents’ financial condition as well. That worry is driven by fear as well as love. Half these youngsters remain dependent on their parents; they can’t stand on their own two feet. Some of them still live at home!

The future looks decidedly gloomy for a lot of American youth. AP didn’t make this important link in reporting their poll, but these are the same kids who were out in force in 2008. They were waving their Obama signs, making pro-Obama videos for social networks, and celebrating the end of the Bush era. These were the kids who bought into the “hope and change” mantra – who drank the Obama-Messiah Kool-Aid in one big gulp.

Three years later, many of them have diminished economic prospects, they’re dependent on their parents, and they think the American dream is a myth. They got the change, but not much hope.

All is not lost. The American dream is bigger than Obama. And his failed Presidency could be the biggest “teachable moment” in generations! Let’s make it happen, shall we?

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