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RUSH: Let’s go to the sound bites. I want to start with Andrew Breitbart, and then I’m going to get to Sarah Palin. I meant to play her sound bites from her Saturday speech in Madison. Meant to play them yesterday, didn’t get to it so I’m gonna do it now, but before that, Andrew Breitbart was on with Hannity last night, got a new book out, Righteous Indignation, and Hannity said, “Look at it, NBC, CBS, ABC, they’re contemplating whether they want to keep their nightly newscasts now.”

BREITBART: Well, here’s what happened. Twenty years Rush Limbaugh comes in the game. He acts as a checks and balance. Drudge comes in 15 years ago, and then the blogosphere explodes and all we did was ask of the mainstream media was to correct their bias problem. When they wouldn’t correct themselves, citizens in the form of the Tea Party, people with video cameras going everywhere said, “If you’re not gonna correct yourself, we’re gonna create a media in the wake of your incompetency, and that’s what’s happening. It’s the most exciting time in media and unfortunately the mainstream media is so upset about it, it covers it as if we’re the villains out there.

RUSH: Andrew Breitbart. Now, Andrew, his book is out now called Righteous Indignation, and I don’t know if you know this about Andrew, but he started out as, folks, this guy was full bore commie babe leftist. Andrew Breitbart used to be an accredited member of the Hollywood left. The same Andrew Breitbart, used to be an accredited member of the Hollywood left. And now he has told me — and I, of course, believe him ’cause what other reason could there be? — he has told me that it was listening to me in LA, we got on the air there in 1989, KFI, listening to this show, was the first time he had heard in a consistent, understandable way other than what he had always been told growing up. Now, he asked me to do a forward or a blurb for his book, which I did. But, yeah, he was as far left, and people don’t believe this but that’s part of what he writes about in his book. I mean he was a big lefty until he heard the EIB Network.

His book is called Righteous Indignation, pretty interesting cover. Got it up there at Drudge. He had a bunch of different photographs that he was pondering using on the cover. He sent me a couple of them asking for my thoughts. I said, “Look, you’re on your own on this.” The picture he’s using is not one he sent me. It’s tame in comparison to what he was gonna use.


RUSH: We were talking about books here, Breitbart’s new book. And there is also Tom Watson. This is now my second golf book I’ve read. Watson has got a great golf book out called The Timeless Swing. Now, he sent me a copy. It’s not quite coffee table size. It’s filled with pictures and illustrations, but there’s an iPad, iPhone version of this book with videos. The other instructional golf book I have read is Jack Nicklaus’ book. This book by Watson — if you play golf and you’re interested in getting better; you don’t take lessons ’cause you don’t want to take lessons — read this. It is fascinating. It’s so simple. I’ve never seen a golf book that is this simple and cogent and straight to the point. It’s amazing. I started reading this. Particularly, you know, what I’ve learned with Hank Haney and The Haney Project, I could not literally put it down. I watched all the videos. It’s amazingly good, if you play golf. Tom Watson’s book is The Timeless Swing, and there’s Breitbart’s book. Ann Coulter has got a new book coming in June that she won’t tell anybody about what’s in it (which is a good marketing technique). So we’re loaded out there in that regard.


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