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RUSH: Steve Wynn was on the Fox Business Channel, the Cavuto show last night. Wynn was on the phone from Vegas. This is what he had to say about his employees and his business.

WYNN: The living standard of my employees has been plummeting. The early results of Obamacare have caused our insurance to increase, our cost of medical, we self-insure, to go from 8% increase a year to 12, and for the first time since we built the business we had to increase the amount of copay of our employees, so some money has been taken out of their pockets, which is tough on them. Everything is more expensive, when they go to Walmart, the clothing, their shoes, everything is more expensive. And so the living standard of the working people of the middle class of America is being materially deteriorating because of the fiscal policy of our government. And that’s a very big deal around here.

RUSH: Steve Wynn in Las Vegas. Cavuto says, “Is it the fiscal policy of the government? I mean, this freeze in activity prior to the pickup in the last year predates this administration. So a lot of folks say, ‘Well, you know, it’s been sort of like a devil may care times of corporate America, partying and having their annual meetings and the like. That is just cooled period.’ You don’t buy that?”

WYNN: You guys on television use the term “disingenuous” when the president or someone talks about — says something that’s not true. That’s a fancy word for lying. The president said millionaires and billionaires should pay their fair share. That completely ignores the truth. And the truth is that in this country the vast majority of small and medium size businesses pay taxes for their business as individuals and chapter S corporations, partnerships, and individual proprietorships. If you want to lie, if you want to misrepresent, you’ll call them millionaires and billionaires, but it’s the job engine of America, and those are our customers because they work hard and they come and they have disposable income, and they’re the people that are creating all the jobs in America.

RUSH: Steve Wynn on Cavuto last night, is exactly right, that millionaires and billionaires — mentioned this yesterday — code word for small-business people, millionaires and billionaires. Trying to drum up hatred between the classes as a means of getting votes. Cavuto said, “You think the president does not like rich people?”

WYNN: There’s a tremendous prejudice in this administration. Everybody talks about what the government is giving them, but hardly anybody talks about what the government is taking away. And I am telling you, and it’s clear in every measurement that you can look at, that the standard of living, the quality of life of the working class of America is being deteriorated in real time because of the falling value of the dollar. The populist rhetoric is very carefully designed to hide the truth. And I find it annoying and disappointing that it’s happened that way.

RUSH: So more and more people are starting to get the guts to speak out about this. That’s Steve Wynn from Las Vegas on Cavuto last night on the Fox Business Channel.


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