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RUSH: Jane in Ridgecrest, California, hi, and welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: I’m a Tea Party member. I don’t cause too much trouble. I just want to know, with the low income population I’m always trying to find out different ways to talk them in to not voting for Obama in our next election, so what can conservatives say to Obama, you know, to these faithful low income voters to get them not to vote for him anymore? I mean I’ve heard one point you said earlier in the second stimulus Obama (unintelligible) food stamps, and that was a great one, but what are some other things that I can talk to somebody who makes the low income and doesn’t want to jump into any other presidents?

RUSH: Doesn’t want to jump into any other —

CALLER: Voting for another president.

RUSH: Well, you’re asking me how do you go to a low income person and convince them voting for Obama’s not a good thing for them?


RUSH: What age are you talking about?

CALLER: Anywhere from 18 to 45.

RUSH: Eighteen to 45. Okay, the first thing I would do, and I’m serious about this, I don’t know how long you can hold their attention, but I would ask them, “So you think a vote for Obama will make you wealthier?” And they will say, “Yes.” Then you say, “Well, can you show me an example of where it’s happened? Can you show me the people on welfare today where they’re not on welfare? Can you show me where people who are living off of welfare or what Democrat presidents give them are wealthy and rich? Can you show me this?”

CALLER: See, the problem is making them understand that welfare isn’t wealth. The difference is they’re so used to getting it for so many years, and that’s the real problem there —

RUSH: All right, then ask them this. Ask them if they’re better off now than they were two and a half years ago when he was immaculated. He’s been working for ’em for two and a half years. Obama promised them this and that —

CALLER: Oh, true.

RUSH: Well, ask ’em. What makes you think it’s gonna get better in four years? If government made people rich, how come there are still people in poverty?


RUSH: I don’t know if any of this kind of stuff’s gonna work.

CALLER: It’s hard to figure out because Obama’s, in the speeches —


CALLER: — you were just talking about —


CALLER: — Obama says he —


CALLER: — helps the poor.

RUSH: No. It’s easy to figure out, but these people aren’t thinkers; they’re feelers.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

RUSH: You’re dealing with people who’ve got deep-seated emotional problems about this. They’re not thinking about it so if you approach ’em with things that are gonna make ’em think, it’s just gonna be frustrating because they don’t want to think.

CALLER: Yeah, that’s the problem and I’m always wanting to find out how to get to ’em, how to try and get them to vote.

RUSH: Okay, ask them if they know anybody who used to be on welfare who’s now CEO all of company, or a doctor or a lawyer. I mean there’s any number of ways here.


RUSH: But see, if it were me, if I were actually talking to a group of these people and I had them as a controlled, attentive audience, which they would be if I was speaking, I’d go about it an entirely different way, and I would do it on a moral basis. Look, if you’re 18 years old, your expectations are way out of whack to think you’re gonna be rich at 18.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Why do you think the country owes you something and why do you think Obama even knows who you are? You’ve been at this for two and a half years, Obama’s been president. The Democrats ran Congress for 40 years. I mean there’s all kinds of real world data to suggest these people are living in a dream world.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: But if all they’ve got is their hope and you take that away from them they’re gonna get mad at you about that and if you tell ’em the truth, the answer to your question is you gotta start working and you’ve gotta start working harder. “Well, I already work two jobs.” “Okay, we’ve all worked two jobs at one point. Some of us started working at 13. You may have to work three jobs.” “Well, that ain’t fair.” Nothing’s fair. You start down that road, these are absolutely accurate, truthful things born of evidence that these people are not gonna want to hear.

CALLER: Is there a certain number of years that I can tell them, “Okay, you got welfare right now. If we keep going down this path you’re not gonna get it, period.” Is there a number of years they’ve already kind of figured that welfare is gonna run out?

RUSH: Well, that’s true, too. We can’t afford the welfare that we’re spending now.

CALLER: That’s true.

RUSH: Yeah, you bet. My fear with this is the people you’re talking about, once you make them start thinking then it’s a crapshoot. You could lose ’em right then because that’s what they’re not doing, and they’re not gonna want to admit that you’re right. They’re gonna be resistant just like kids are to parents. Parents don’t know beans. Every ten-year-old can tell you that. And that’s who you’re essentially talking to. You’re talking to people that don’t know anything but think they know it all. So you say, “Well, last two and a half years Obama’s been president, promised you all these things, how’s your life changed? Are you any better off? Do you know any low-income people that want to get a better job? Do they even want to work?”

Remember, we’re dealing, folks, with a sad, sad reality here. Government cash handouts now top tax revenues.


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