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Do you remember, folks, back after the budget agreement deal that averted a government shutdown was agreed to, the Drive-Bys spent that whole weekend praising John Boehner? “Man, did Boehner…? He really took Obama to cleaners! Oh, man, you talk about a big win?” Remember that? From Friday night all the way through the Sunday shows of that weekend. “Man, what a big win for Boehner! Holy cow, Boehner smoked Obama!” Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was not the view of what happened as expressed by me on April the 11th.

RUSH ARCHIVE: The news media, the Democrat Party, as you know, in unison, Fox News, everybody, Friday night, all weekend, “What a big win for Boehner. What a huge embarrassing defeat for Obama. Why, the man of the hour is John Boehner. Why, why, I mean there’s no question about it.” And, if that’s the case, you can bet that it’s not the case.

RUSH: I spent some other moments telling you that something doesn’t smell right, here. That was all a setup designed, I said at the time, to fire up Democrats who were ticked off at Obama. (More on that in the next half hour.) We played a sound bite from Howard Fineman. Let me see… Go back to audio sound bite number 17. We’ll get to that before number 16. This is Howard Fineman on April 7th, four days before the comments you just heard from me. This is on Friday night on Hardball, and it is Matthews talking to Howard Fineman about this whole thing, and here was Fineman’s assessment…

FINEMAN APRIL 7, 2011: What I find interesting about this is I think in narrow sort of poker terms, Boehner’s doing very well. I think he’s cleaning the president’s clock! I mean, he’s got the White House up to 35 billion or something like that.

RUSH: “He’s cleaning the president’s clock,” and this was conventional wisdom. This was the opinion of every Drive-By Media person that whole weekend. Last night, however, on PMSNBC’s The Last Word, Lawrence O’Donnell spoke to Howard Fineman (who’s now the senior political editor for the Huffing and Puffington Post), and O’Donnell said, “Howard, I have to join those who say that the Republicans are showing stronger leadership, if ‘leadership’ is defined as taking people where they don’t want to go.”

FINEMAN: Yeah, remarkable, because, yes, the president was on his game speaking to a well-educated audience. But in the theater of Washington, Republicans win on theater points, but they lose on the numbers. I think I was wrong about this when I was watching the last hours of the budget negotiations. I even said that Speaker Boehner took the president to the cleaners on the budget negotiations. But if you look at the numbers, the Democrats and the president actually gave up less in actual spending. So chalk that up as a victory for the president. So the Republicans could walk around with a big stick, but it’s the president who — who walks softly and gets over the finish line first.

RUSH: Oh, so Fineman recants now. So Boehner did not “clean Obama’s clock” after all. No! And furthermore, look at how winning is defined. Look at how cleaning Boehner’s clock is defined. “The president won. He gave up less in actual spending.” That’s the victory. The victory for the Drive-Bys and for the president is more spending. See? These people are not interested in solving a problem that we face. They’re only making it worse. So what’s happening? In these sound bites that we’ve played for you today from Obama at Facebook in Palo Alto, Obama is using every hateful and divisive trick in the book.

So now he’s out there saying the Border Patrol is racist. We should fire all of them. That’s what that immigration comment’s all about. It’s not their job to make sure aliens don’t come here illegally. This isn’t about skin color, legal immigration, or your ancestors. Mr. President… When is Obama actually going to talk about what’s real and what’s going on rather than his straw men? He never talks about what’s real. He’s always creating straw men. The most recent example: Who is it that wants to cut food stamps? Him! Who is it that wants to cut Medicare? Who is it that did?

Let me take that back: Who is it that did cut food stamps and Medicare last year? It was Obama. Yet, talking to Facebook, a big straw man: You and I, Boehner, Paul Ryan, somebody wants to do this — when, in fact, he did it! Have you ever wondered, folks, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are so dead set against budget deficits — and if you listen to ’em talk, they are; Democrats and Republicans both hate ’em; they despise deficits — why do we have them? Why do we have a budget deficit if both Republicans and Democrats hate them so much? It just doesn’t make sense, until you realize that at least one of the parties realizes they can only get power by buying votes with taxpayers’ money. So when the Democrats tell you they don’t like deficits, they’re not being honest with you. Pure and simple.


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