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Earlier this year, Obama was telling anybody who would listen that his critics were wrong,that he was not an “anti-business” president.

Well, words are one thing,but actions are another. This week, the regime unleashed an attack on another leading American corporation:Obama’s National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint against Boeing to stop them from opening an assembly plant for its new 787jet in South Carolina.

Now, most of the new airliners are assembled in Washington state by members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace union –and that forms the basis for the Obama regime’s hostility toward Boeing.

In 2008, the union went on strike. The union claims that the new South Carolina assembly line was set up so thatBoeing could avoid labor disruptions. The regime agrees, pointing to public statements by Boeing executives that the purpose of using the non-union plant in South Carolina was to avoid labor troubles. The feds say that Boeing is discriminating against the unionin retaliation for union activities.

Yup: The Obama regime’s position is that American business are required to allow unions to disrupt production at will. Businesses have no right to chose the locations to build their own production plantsif unions are offended.

The regime is trying to crush successful business operationsat the behest of union thugs;there’s no other way to look at this. And that is why Obama’s words should mean absolutely nothing…in light of his anti-business, anti-capitalistic actions.

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