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RUSH: This is hilarious. This is hilarious. This was Friday night on PMSNBC, The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. Now, Howard Fineman used to be at Newsweek. Now he is at the Huffing and Puffington Post. He’s a senior political editor there. And we were discussing the new poll from CBS/New York Times that was just devastating for Obama, 70% think the country’s in the wrong direction, 52% think Obama’s wacko, whatever it was, it’s bad news. So O’Donnell said, “Howard, the president does have some high disapproval numbers in there for a president running for reelection, but the Congress has a disapproval number, 75%. Now, how do you think voters are balancing that out? How do you explain it?” Listen to this, folks.

FINEMAN: People are a little disappointed in the president because he hasn’t been able to change the way Washington works at all. Indeed, Congress is even more poorly regarded. Everybody wanted a bigger deal than was done on the last budget go-around. And so in an odd way the fact that the Republicans and Congress are so poorly regarded, that the whole system is so poorly regarded, drags everybody down, including the president.

RUSH: See, there you have it. The reason Obama showed so poorly in the New York Times poll is ’cause the Republicans are doing so poorly in the polls. The Republicans happen to win big in the election. Now, Congress was at 14, ten, 12% approval when Bush was in the thirties, did they ever say that Bush, low approval in the thirties, was due to Pelosi being low? Of course not. But, see, as far as these sycophants are concerned, and I hate to say it, folks, these people, if they keep it up are going to die of animal poisoning. As far as they’re concerned everybody thinks that Obama’s the end of the world like they do. Everybody thinks like they think that Obama is The Messiah, and so it doesn’t compute that 70% think the country’s going in the wrong direction. How can this be? It doesn’t compute that 52, 55 percent don’t approve of what Obama is doing. It doesn’t compute because a hundred percent of them love Obama. So it has to be the Republicans. It just has to be the Republicans.


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