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Over the Easter weekend, Moammar Khadafy’s military launched a power assault on rebels holed up in the city of Misrata. Thirty-two people were killed and dozens wounded in what the Washington Post describes as “an especially bloody weekend.” Meanwhile, three members of the Senate Armed Services Committee are calling on the regime, or NATO –or somebody — to do more than they’re doing to help drive Khadafy from power.

Now, if they’re waiting on Obama to act,I hope they’re prepared for a long wait. Remember how we got into Libya? After the violence had erupted,Obama pondered for weeksbefore sending in our military to attack by air under the auspices of NATO –without congressional approval. Nine days later he addressed the country. The speech is best remembered for a few lines that sounded like George W. Bush,whom he took an ungracious political swipe at. But there was no exit strategy, no victory strategy,and no real explanation of what vital national interest was calling for American action.

And then confusion reignedover who was in charge. While Khadafywas bombing the heck out of the rebels, Obama tried handing off the mission to NATO,but they handed it back,until finally they decided to pretend that they were really in charge. Now it’salmost a month after his big Libyan speech, andObama has moved on to other things; mainly, fundraising.

I’lltell you what:We’ve never had a commander-in-chief like this guy. Thank goodness –but it has to end soon.

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