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RUSH: CBS/New York Times poll reports that “a plurality of Americans approve of Paul Ryan’s Medicaid reform.” Now, folks, let’s go back to yesterday because there’s another side to this. Yesterday I made it plain that I don’t buy one syllable of this notion that Obama’s a shoo-in for reelection. One of the reasons why is I live in Realville. I don’t need these polls to tell me. When 46% say they’d never vote for Obama, 70% disapprove, 70% think the future of the country is on the wrong track, nobody needs to get very detailed with me. I understand. I look at the November election results. I know that the vast majority of people who vote and who make this country work have no desire for another four years of this guy. But there are a lot of people alive in this country who have nothing to do with making it work, and they vote, too. And, sadly, the people who make the country work are a dwindling number. Even so, if the election were today Obama would lose in a landslide — don’t doubt me — to the point it wouldn’t matter who the Republican nominee is.

The anti-Obama sentiment in this country is profound. You just don’t trust me saying it because you don’t see it reported anywhere, and you don’t see in the media any evidence of it. Well, of course not. They’re gonna do everything they can to cover that up and hide it and act like it doesn’t exist. That’s why a rising oil price is a godsend for the Democrats and the media. It’s an automatic opportunity to start blaming Republicans for all this ’cause it fits the template, the decades-old narrative of Republicans being in bed with big business. The simple fact of the matter is the Democrat Party is destroying this country and it’s destroying the future for your kids and grandkids. And the people who make this country work know it. You give them a chance, another referendum of Obama, if it’s November in 2012 or tomorrow, he’s gone. Circumstances exist as they are, and if Bernanke does QE3, if there is more spending to keep the stock market propped up ’cause that’s what that’s all about, keep the stock market propped up, that’s what QE2 is about, that’s just gonna lead to higher prices, more inflation.

Food, gasoline, those two commodities, they can’t lie to you and tell you you’re wrong. Gasoline costs five bucks a gallon. They can’t tell you you’re wrong, it’s only three. They can’t lie to you about what your food and gasoline costs. They can lie to you about the unemployment number. They can lie to you about the economic growth number. But they can’t lie to you about the cost of living because you’re alive and you live it. So if they have to do some more spending here in their convoluted theory to save Obama, hello. Is there anything on the books, anything on the table right now policy-wise that is going to cause a miracle turnaround in our economy? They are hiding and delaying the final nail in the coffin of this country ’til after 2012, and that’s Obamacare. And that is the final nail in the coffin in the country as we’ve known it. Once that implements in full, then all kinds of our freedoms are then at great peril, economic and others.

So does it matter? I’m telling you right now, just like it didn’t matter that there wasn’t any Republican to vote for in the November elections, whoever voted in November, Tea Party, they were voting anti-status quo. They were voting anti-destruction of America. They were voting anti-debt, anti-spending. They were voting against everything that is Obama and the American left and they voted in landslide droves. And nothing has changed. So the presidential race comes up, everybody thinks, “Well, we’re gonna need somebody for our people to vote for.” Traditionally, yeah, and you’d love to have that because that’s what gives you a mandate after they win. Somebody with an agenda says, “Here I am. This is what I believe. This is what we’re gonna do after I get elected.” Yeah, you’d love to have that but I’m telling you, Elmer Fudd could win this next election. That will be the media tweak quote of the day, and the press will go talk to whoever created Elmer Fudd — Warner Brothers? — try to find out what Elmer Fudd thinks of that.

It’s a bit of an exaggeration. I’m not telling you the nominee is inconsequential. What I am trying to do is keep you aware of just how strong the anti-American left, anti-Obama sentiment is among the people who work in this country and who make it work. And there’s nothing that’s changed to lessen that intensity since November. Hell, the Tea Party is digging in even deeper. I got stories in the stack, Tea Party people running for school boards. Tea Party getting involved in local, state, and city politics all over the country. Tea Party’s growing. They don’t have a single leader. There’s not somebody out there that’s the face of the Tea Party, and yet they’re growing ’cause it’s a series of core belief ideas found in the Constitution.


RUSH: We need to have a little discussion on the role of consultants in business and political consultants as well. But before telling you that, I need to tell you how consultants work in broadcasting. (interruption) Now, Snerdley’s eyes just lit up. ‘Cause all of us in broadcasting, when you say “consultants,” it means two things, maybe three. We all know it. So, Snerdley, I want you to take what you know about consultants in broadcasting, radio and TV, and then imagine: What do they mean in politics? Same thing, and it equals a problem. Consultants exist to make sure you are not who you are.

Consultants exist to turn you into what they say you should be based on research and polling and all sorts of things, and that is how they get paid (and credit). They turn the candidate into a winner. The candidate is not capable of doing anything until the consultant comes along, with his research, and tells him, “Here’s who you are. Here’s what you gotta go, where you gotta go, what you gotta say, how you gotta say it, who you hang out with, where do you go on vacation. We’ve polled it,” and I’d venture to say that nine out of ten of ’em on our side are constantly urging, “Moderate, No Labels, tone it down, no personal criticism of your opponent,” that kind of stuff.


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