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RUSH: “Republicans may be ready for a fling with Donald Trump, but a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll shows they have reservations about installing him in the White House. The real estate developer and reality TV star, who scores at the top in polls of the GOP field these days…” By the way, Trump’s going to New Hampshire, and they are selling out. People are paying to attend Trump political rallies! He’s got seven or eight of them. They’re having to move them to larger venues, and people are scalping tickets to Trump political rallies.

In some places in New Hampshire they’re paying as much as $3,000 a ticket to get into a 700-seat arena to hear Trump make a political speech. They’ve gone out in one place and they had to upgrading the arena, the hall, to capacity of 1,000. Now, who sells out political events? Normally even Obama has to go out and his aides drag stragglers into ’em. No politician sells out a town hall. They have to go out there and drag people in, bribe ’em, pay ’em off — you know, give ’em a $20 certificate to Taco Bell — to come in and sit in the right place at an Obama town hall. Now, buried in this story on Trump: 46% of Americans will definitely not vote for Obama.

That’s the lede, but you don’t see it. It’s buried in the story. And in this USA Today poll is this: Only 38% of Americans say Obama definitely was born in USA. Only 38%. You know what the latest is on this whole birth certificate thing? There’s a Hawaii state senator who says (paraphrased), “It’s not a question to where he was born; everybody out here understands he was born here. The question is: Why won’t he produce the birth certificate?” And the answer to that is, this guy speculates, that Obama doesn’t want people to know the name he was actually born with (like “Barry Soetoro”), that Obama might not be his birth name. This guy is speculating, state Senator in Hawaii that something on that birth certificate he doesn’t want people to see.

Maybe who his real father is. Maybe his real father is not Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. Maybe his father was this Lolo Soetoro guy. This is the speculation on this now, not where he was born. Now, Trump’s out there saying, “Hey…” You know, he keeps doubling down. He told somebody some morning show, “Look, now they can’t find it. Now they can’t find it, period. Now they can’t find the birth certificate.” Now… (sigh) I know why Trump appeals to people. The previous caller had it right. He appeals to people because he’s taking it to Obama. He’s not afraid of him. He’s taking it to the Democrats. Trump has baggage elsewhere that will surface like giving $50,000 to Rahm Emanuel. That’s gonna require a little bit more of an explanation than we’ve gotten so far, and the flip-flops on abortion, social issues.

That stuff will all take care of itself as things unfold. But people are into it because right now people on our side are craving leadership — outspoken, confident leadership — somebody who’s willing to say what they believe. They don’t want to hear Republicans use the language of the left. They don’t want to hear Republicans say, “We can’t balance the budget on the backs of the poor.” They don’t want to hear Republicans say, “Yep, the Big Oil people must pay their fair share.” They don’t want to hear that. You can hear that every day. You can hear that from Chuck Schumer, you can hear it from the media, you can hear it from Obama. You don’t want to hear that from Republicans. You want to hear, from people on your side, what you believe — and you want to hear it forcefully, expressed with confidence. But in this poll, USA Today: 46% of Americans will definitely not vote for Obama; 54% said that this definitely would.


RUSH: Donald Trump last night was on Anderson Cooper 20. Anderson Cooper said, “[T]here’s not that many people in Hawaii who have knowledge of his birth certificate, Donald. We’ve talked to the former director of the Hawaii Department of Health, he’s a Republican, one of two state officials actually seen the birth certificate you’re talking about. She says that she hasn’t been contacted by your people. Isn’t that somebody that your people should talk to if they’re out there?”

TRUMP: I’ve been told very recently, Anderson, that the birth certificate is missing. I’ve been told that it’s not there and it doesn’t exist. I don’t want to say who, but I’ve been told that the birth certificate is not there. It’s missing — and I feel badly about that, because I’d love him to produce the birth certificate so that he can fight one on one. If you look at what he’s doing as president with fuel prices and everything else you can do a great fight one on one, you don’t need this issue, but I’ve been told that the birth certificate is either missing or not there.

RUSH: So now the media have had their fun with the Trump fascination, so now on the syndicated TV program Access Hollywood they followed Trump around when he went to vote. This is 2004. So they went back to their archival footage. This is from the department “Trump is a Mean SOB!” This is Trump being followed around by the media in 2004 when he went to vote. His bodyguard took him to the wrong polling place three times. It wasn’t pretty.

TRUMP 2004: You figure out where the f-(bleep) you’re going, okay? You come back here and figure it out. I’ll come back later and vote when you figure out where the f-(bleep) we’re supposed to be going.

RUSH: You notice… (laughing) He sounds like Clinton. Well, Obama blows up too sometimes. No, it was Clinton, you’re right. It was Clinton. Some poor lackey in Baltimore sent him to the wrong place and Clinton took him aside. I’ll never forget that.


RUSH: Ken in Pittsburgh. Ken, welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you here with us.

CALLER: Hi. Thanks, Rush. It’s a pleasure to be here with you. It’s an honor to talk to you in the first place.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: Hey, what I was calling about, Rush, you know, Donald Trump, everybody’s making a big issue out of him. I really think he’s a showboat, but let me tell you something. The Republican Party is starving, starving for somebody with backbone to stand up and say what he thinks. He doesn’t worry about being politically correct.

RUSH: Well, there are a lot of opinions on Trump out there, and it’s early, and there are a lot of things left to shake out. Everybody has their opinion on Trump. I just was reading a piece by Thomas Sowell. Let me give you a pull quote from Thomas Sowell’s piece: “Trump has what so many other Republicans are so painfully lacking: the ability and the willingness to articulate arguments clearly, forcefully, and in plain English. Too many Republicans talk like the actor of whom a critic once said, ‘he played the king like he was afraid that someone else was going to play the ace.’

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: It really is no more complicated than that. Right now with Trump it’s not even about issues. It’s that he’s got the guts to take it to the Democrats. I’ve been hosting this program for 23 years, and every week, almost every day, every week I have had the question, “When are the Republicans going to say X? When are the Republicans gonna do Y? When are the Republicans gonna stand up?” It’s why Perot captivated people. It’s really not complicated here at all. Yeah, of course he’s a showman. Well, so was Clinton, for crying out loud. You know, I see this, all this talk about Trump’s not serious. By the way, I have a different context, I guess, than most people on this. I heard the venerable Charles Krauthammer say that Trump’s not serious. As opposed to what? Obama? When did serious become the number one qualification? Obama is an absolute disaster and Obama is a fraud. He is one of the greatest pseudo-intellects that’s ever come down the pike. He doesn’t know anything. And the great intellects that were praising Obama were doing it on the strength of the crease in his slacks.

David Brooks in the New York Times recently had a piece saying that Obama is so complicated because he’s multiple personality. He’s so brilliant and so hard to keep up with because there are so many wonderful aspects to Obama. Folks, I don’t have a word for how silly and stupid that is. David Brooks had a piece, yeah, he’s so complicated, he’s got so many personalities, he could be serious, he could be funny. It’s just mind-boggling the way the ruling class intelligentsia sets up qualifications. Brooks said the same thing about Trump, he’s complicated, has many aspects. Now, when I listen to Trump I hear somebody who’s pretty serious about whatever it is he believes. Discounting that for a moment. I’m not yet on this page of anointing some conservative leader here. I’m fascinated by the reaction that he’s getting. I’m not articulating this well. We have perhaps the worst president or second worst president in a hundred years, certainly 80, and yet people think he’s a serious man, quality, intellect, Harvard, Yale.

He doesn’t know anything. He hasn’t the slightest understanding of how this country works, of how it was founded. He doesn’t know what it takes to bring a product from invention to market. He doesn’t know anything. He doesn’t know how to create a job. He has resentment for those who do. Now, why is anybody being measured against that standard? John Edwards. You talk about somebody who’s excrement didn’t stink, “Oh, man, brilliant guy, two Americas.” That guy’s a reprobate and a fraud. Who cares what’s in his brain? The guy is a moral fraud. My patience wears thin on all this. He’s serious. He’s not serious. Based on what? So Trump’s a showman, okay? He’s doing all these things, getting noticed, all of that’s true. I don’t deny it. But at the same time there are serious people who are very excited about Trump. How did that sound? Serious people are very excited about Trump, since serious seems to be the word that nails it down here as legitimate. And they’re serious about Trump because I’m telling you, after 23 years hearing, “Why don’t the Republicans do this or that?” I still haven’t had the answer.


RUSH: Now, by the way, let me clarify something. Thomas Sowell is not a supporter of Trump’s. Don’t misunderstand. Thomas Sowell is worried that Trump is going to go far in the Republican nomination process, and so he’s asking, “Okay, why the appeal?” Because Trump has been all over the board politically as everybody knows. I mean, he donated to Rahm Emanuel. When he was on the program I asked him about it and his answer was unsatisfactory to a lot of people. He’s been pro-life. He obviously has a version or a view of conservatism where somebody’s told him that the fringe of conservatism is the base. So, anyway, Sowell and a lot of people are worried that if Trump’s been all over the board in all these places, but now he’s saying things that charge people up, what’s he gonna be like if he wins? Who is he really if he were to become president? It is a legitimate fear. And some people don’t want to take any chances anymore. Some people are through taking chances, like with McCain, they’re through taking chances with Dole. Look, there are enough decent, legitimate conservatives out there, just give us one, or would one of them rise up and do something.

Now, on the other end of this, if you look at the kingmakers in our media, the Krauthammers and the Bill Kristols and the print media inside the Beltway, conservative print media, none of the candidates they back, and none of the RINOs are slamming Obama the way Trump is. And that’s why they don’t like Trump. But they also don’t like Bachmann and Palin or Santorum, either. I have mentioned on several occasions on this program that the fights within the so-called Republican establishment are pretty serious. There are a lot of factions. There’s by no means unity on the Republican side, even against Obama, by no means. The inside the Beltway guys are RINO Republican guys. That’s why serious. That’s why the desire for seriousness. Serious means dull. Serious means bookish, studious, maybe a couple other characteristics.

The arguments that are taking place within the Republican Party, both the establishment side and the conservative side are many, and they are varied. And Sowell’s point is, “Okay, of all of the candidates, why is Trump selling out eight appearances? Why are they scalping tickets?” Well, the answer’s obvious. He’s saying things voters want leaders to say. He’s saying things voters are thinking. He’s saying things voters would say if the media put a microphone in front of them. Looked at another way, Trump is validating what they believe. The question is, is he making converts? You know, who knows? But there are enough people out there who have enough frustration that he’s validating what they think, and so they glom on and they sign on to it.

Look at the birther thing for just a second. A very simple way of looking at this, or the analysis of this, whatever you think of Trump and this birther nonsense, whatever you think of it, Trump presents a really simple question: Mr. President, if you have nothing to hide, why are you hiding everything? Presidents don’t get away with this. In our country, presidents are vetted. They don’t get away with hiding things. Well, Clinton did. But there was still an effort to find the things out. But the question, why are you hiding things? Why won’t you show the birth certificate? It’s a very basic question that should have been asked three years ago. It’s something the president knows is lurking out there, doesn’t seem at all interested in solving it, as though he likes controversy, which means that some think he’s waiting to spring it at the right time to just destroy the whole birther movement. There’s all of that happening with it at the same time.

But I’ll tell you what it’s time for. It’s time for the freshman, the Tea Party Republican people to stand up and forget waiting for their turn. It’s time to just stand up, “Here we are. We’re conservatives.” It’s too serious right now, the country’s future is in too much doubt, we’re gonna throw the rules away, rules that say I have to wait. The rules that say I’ve gotta do X and Y, make the leadership happy, it’s too serious. No, Obama didn’t wait his turn, but Obama was anointed, Obama was chosen. Obama was picked and groomed. We groom our people for caskets. They groom theirs for the White House.


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