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RUSH: Donald Rumsfeld was on the Today Show today. Matt Lauer: “Let me ask you about where Osama was found. He was found not in a cave along the border. He was found in a rather upscale neighborhood in a [hut] in a town about 35 miles from Islamabad. Does that surprise you?”

RUMSFELD: This is an intelligence problem from the beginning, a’course. We’ve always had the ability to kill or capture. What we needed was the intelligence, and we’ve been fortunate that that intelligence was forthcoming. It may very well have been partly a result of some of the interview that took place in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

RUSH: And Matt Lauer said, “Well, do you worry about an uptick in violence now in this country or Western interests around the world as a result of the killing of Bin Laden?”

RUMSFELD: Oh, I think we have to be alert to that possibility. There has intelligence that suggested that if Osama Bin Laden were ever captured or killed, that there would be a violent attack on America or Europe in one way or another — and I think it’s important that our intelligence organizations and military around the world are very attentive during this period.

RUSH: Right. Now, let me go back to April 16th of 2009, CNN in Espanol. Juan Carlos Lopez was interviewing Obama. He said, “Spanish judge, Baltasar Garzon, is considering a lawsuit filed by attorneys representing six Spaniards who were at one point held at Guantanamo, and that lawsuit wants to go after President Bush’s legal team. What is your reaction to that?”

OBAMA 2009: I’ve been very clear that Guantanamo is to be closed, that some of the practices of enhanced interrogation techniques, uh, I think ran counter to American values and American traditions. So I’ve put an end to these policies.

RUSH: Well, he obviously didn’t. This is why I opened the program today congratulating him. He obviously did not put an end to these techniques otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten the intel. Here’s Obama from last night at the White House.

OBAMA: Shortly after taking office I directed Leon Panetta, the director of the CIA, to make the killing or capture of Bin Laden the top priority. … Last August, after years of painstaking work by our intelligence community, I was briefed on a possible lead to Bin Laden. I met repeatedly with my national security team. I determined that we had enough intelligence to take action. Today, at my direction, the United States launched a targeted operation against that compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. A small team of Americans carried out the operation with extraordinary courage and capability.

RUSH: There’s President Obama. It was his operation. He did it. He directed, he ordered, he was briefed, he repeatedly met, he determined, and he got him. Now, the media, as you know (and if you don’t, you might suspect) this event has nothing to do with terrorism; it has nothing to do with Bin Laden, really. Skip forward to sound bite five. This is all about Obama. Everything to do with this operation — as far as the media is concerned — you must look at this through the prism of Obama’s reelection. Here’s a media montage from last night…

DAVID “RODHAM” GERGEN: This is going to be a huge help to President Obama in the election! Obama got Oooosama!

ANDREA MITCHELL: This is a game-changer for Barack Obama!

BOB ORR: The Obama administration will ride high on that!

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: What a political boost there will be for President Obama!

JEFF GREENFIELD: This would be a complete game-changer if the presidential election were next week!

DON IMUS: This guarantees his reelection!

ALISYN CAMEROTA: For the president, whom critics recently have accused of not showing enough leadership, is this a turning point?

RUSH: I’m here to tell you, folks: By the time we get to November of 2012, this event will be eclipsed by other things. But they’re in orgasmic mode. The price of gasoline is still what it is today. The price of milk is still what it is today. The price of eggs, the unemployment rate is still the same. The debt limit’s still out there, the deficit’s still growing. Our indebtedness problem, national debt, is still expanding. There has not been one solution to any domestic issue that is causing genuine pain and suffering in this country because of what happened, the assassination of Osama Bin Laden in the hut — the enlarged mansion/hut — in which he was hiding out in Abbottabad, Pakistan. In fact, 5-1/2 million Americans will lose their unemployment benefits this week and next; 5-1/2 million Americans soon to be shut out.


RUSH: Livonia, Michigan. Ken, you’re next. Great to have you with us here on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Yeah, thanks for taking my call, Rush. As we applaud the death of Osama Bin Laden, I think it’s important that we don’t forget that if we had fought this War on Terror the way that the Democrats wanted it fought, he would be alive today. He would be sitting in his little hut just relaxing and taking —

RUSH: What exactly do you mean by that, Ken, if we’d-a fought the war the way the Democrats want?

CALLER: Well, from the very beginning the Democrats were not on board with George Bush. I mean they didn’t support Guantanamo. They didn’t support the questioning of the people that we had there. They just were not supportive of what we did.

RUSH: Well, when I point this out, since the day Obama was immaculated we had that executive order wherein Obama was gonna close Club Gitmo, and I said, “No, he’s not.” And even trusted, loyal, devoted members of my staff, “What are you talking about, of course he’s gonna shut it down. He’s a lib. He hates it.” “No, he’s not gonna shut it down. He’s not gonna close Guantanamo Bay,” I insisted. They thought that I was being blinded by my own partisan ideological commitments. And I was making an assessment based on I know these people. I know who they are. They will happily engineer the defeat of the United States military when they are not in power, but it’s a whole different ball game when they are. I mean you people on the left, those of you who are huge Obama supporters, do you realize what you sound like today? Here’s David “Rodham” Gergen, “Obama walks taller today.” Let me look at some of these sound bites. I passed over ’em. I wasn’t gonna air them. Let me go back and show you what I mean here. First off, this is John King of CNN. Last night during a special report, breaking news special report, Wolf Blitzer spoke with John King about the news that Osama Bin Laden was dead, and this is what John King said.

KING: Tonight, Barack Obama, the president of the United States, will walk into the White House briefing room and deliver a statement that you know, of course, George W. Bush would have loved to have delivered during his presidency because he was the president on 9/11.

RUSH: Okay, so you look through the prism of, how does this affect Obama’s reelection? Whoa, man, would Bush have loved to give this statement. Remember, when 9/11 happened these are the people who wished that it had happened when Clinton was in office. Don’t forget this. They wanted Bill Clinton to have an opportunity for greatness that was thrust into Bush’s lap. They were jealous. And now here’s John King. They’re all feeling their oats now. After how many years of the Democrats attempting to undermine this very mission, here comes John King now saying, (imitating King) “Hey, hey, hey, hey, buddy boy, this is the exact speech old Bush would love to give, but nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, Bush can’t give this speech, it was Obama that captured Osama. Yeah, Bush couldn’t pull it off. Osama got by Bush, Obama walking taller.”

Now, those of you on the left who have bought into this notion that your guy is not a militarist, he doesn’t want military victory, he knows the United States military is the focus of evil, and what is he doing out there? It’s reelection time, now he’s gotta be the biggest armchair general in the world, why, he himself ordered the pulling of the trigger. The Democrat Party fought the Patriot Act over libraries and other nonsense. They fought these warrantless wiretaps, searches. They fought every effort to gather intelligence to find not just Bin Laden, but other terrorists and to learn of any plans they had.

The Democrat Party, while out of power, fought all of that. They didn’t want the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay to be called enemy combatants. They didn’t want them held indefinitely. They went to the Supreme Court to get them released. They wanted them to all have ACLU lawyers. They did not want a surge in troops in Iraq. They accused Petraeus of lying before he had even testified before a joint congressional committee. They fought Bush over military budgets. They called our troops terrorists, murderers, rapists, Nazis, and accused them of needlessly killing citizens. And look who it is thumping their chests today?

The mindless Joy Behar on The View actually said, “Cancel the 2012 election.” So I guess all of a sudden she’s for killing terrorists now. See, when they’re in power, when they’re in charge, all that stuff goes out the window. All that anti-military stuff and all that, “we’ve gotta lose” stuff, that goes out the window. They are more than happy to secure a defeat for this country, to hang that around the neck of a Republican president, but they’re not gonna sit here and secure defeat for themselves, no matter what you think.

So all of you members of the anti-war left listening to all this chest thumping today and how proud the regime is of what it’s done, using the Special Ops, killing a human shield protecting Obama, a woman, all of the atrocities you’ve accused the Bush administration of wanting to do, here they’ve happened and you’re out there applauding. “Oh, yeah, big man, Barack Obama. See, he’s not a wimp. See, Barack Obama, he’s a huge leader. He’s a great guy. See, you guys had him all wrong.” Baghdad Jim McDermott, other Democrats went to Iraq to be human shields for Saddam Hussein. These are the people that did anything they could to undermine the war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq. And now look at them.

So I’m curious how you people on the left feel today. Do you really feel as proud and chest thumping as Obama is and all the Democrats in Washington celebrating this? Cause this is the kind of atrocity that you accused Bush of engaging in. Osama Bin Laden killed eight years to the day of George W. Bush’s “mission accomplished” speech. Now, compare and contrast those reports then with what we’re getting now. If you just went from the news media alone, the war is finished, we’ve finished now, we’ve got Bin Laden and that’s it. Time to get out of Afghanistan now, time to get out of Iraq. We’ve got Bin Laden and that’s it. And these journalists, these news readers, they always tend to make fools of themselves when these late breaking stories occur. Wolf Blitzer said that all Americans will now remember forever where they were when they heard that Osama Bin Laden was dead. John King on CNN was just babbling on and on about what a momentous event this was, and we all know that if George W. Bush had been in the White House when this event happened and had made the announcement, why, the investigations would just be ramping up now, and you and I know what form they would be taking.

The lead story would be what took him so long; is this all for his reelection; is he using it as a prop; how long has he known; is he really dead, let’s see the DNA, let’s see the body, all of this stuff. There would be no belief and there certainly wouldn’t be any happiness, and there wouldn’t have been any celebratory mood in the media. You and I know this. David Ignatius, audio sound bite number ten, Mike. This morning on PMSNBC, Joe Scarborough said, “David Ignatius, when did the president shift from candidate Obama that had one set of beliefs as far as foreign policy goes, to commander-in-chief Obama who became a much tougher commander-in-chief than anybody would have suspected?” So Obama’s risen above it, he’s tougher than anybody would have ever thought.

IGNATIUS: He made the shift as he became president. I was struck last night watching him that this is the commander-in-chief, an increasingly self-confident one. You learn on any job, and I think we’d all say that Obama’s performance in the first year in office was sometimes uncertain, except on these intelligence related activities. From very early on he decided that he was not only gonna continue the Predator drone attacks over the tribal areas of Pakistan, he was gonna step them up significantly from what they’ve been during the Bush administration, his willingness to conduct unilateral operations as they’re called, and that’s what we saw yesterday in Pakistan.

RUSH: So they’re just overwhelmed with how much Obama has grown since he was immaculated, which obviously means he didn’t have a clue when he was elected, but look how he’s grown. And even Mr. Ignatius is making my point. He’s now grown into commander-in-chief. How? By keeping and expanding the Bush administration policies, and for that he deserves to be congratulated. I’ll say it as many times as it takes for people to understand what I mean by that.


RUSH: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. The media would be saying — if this has happened with the Bush administration, we would be hearing about — how Bush put troops at risk for a PR stunt, that Osama was no longer an important figure anyway. “This was just Bush being a cowboy, knowing full well he had to do something to ratchet up his pretty poor polling numbers.” Oh, yeah, this would have been the claim. “There’s no military solution to this.” They would have ripped this to shreds if this were George W. Bush. No question about it. But look at this from the New York Times.

“But as Mr. Obama delivered his remarks and the crowds continued to gather outside the White House, there was little question that his presidency had forever been changed by snaring Bin Laden. The search for him has played out over Obama’s maturation as a national political figure in the last decade.” Obama’s maturation as a political figure in the last ten years! Next will be a story in the New York Times: “See? See? This is why he got the Nobel Peace Prize.” Speaking of you Obama supporters, why aren’t we hearing anything from the 9/11 “truthers”? The 9/11 “truthers,” they’re the people who think that Bush did all this.

Osama Bin Laden had nothing to do with this. Bush brought down the World Trade Center. The “truthers,”where are they? What is their reaction to this news? Where’s Rosie O’Donnell and all the other big Obama supporters who are also “truthers”? The media is probably too busy mocking the “birthers” to get around to the “truthers,” but where are they? All this celebration, all those leftists who believe that Bin Laden was a fall guy, now their leader has gone out and killed Bin Laden — and is being credited as finally achieving competent leader status. Look what it has taken for Obama to be praised as competent: The killing of another man. That’s something the left never signs up for.


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