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Overshadowed by the forced exit of Osama bin Laden is the saga of Moammar Khadafy. Last weekend, Khadafy called for a cease-fire and negotiations with NATO. Later, a Khadafy family gathering was interrupted by a NATO air attack. Missiles struck the family compound with such impact the explosions were felt two miles away. When the smoke cleared, Khadafy’s 29-year-old son and three grandchildren were no more. Seems NATO’s answer to Khadafy’s “Give-peace-a-chance” cease-fire request – was: “Up yours.”

Afterward, NATO commander Lt. General Charles Bouchard insisted that NATO attacks are not aimed at individuals, but at command-and-control targets. He said he regretted “all loss of life.”

While Moammar might take comfort in those words – liberals here better not. To be consistent, they must respond to Obama like they did to Bush; with thousands of demonstrators in every major “blue” city, protesting the war. They must carry “No blood for oil” signs – with images of Khadafy’s slain grandchildren. There should be posters picturing Obama with a Hitler mustache, calling him “baby-killer” and worse.

Democrat Senators Dick Turban and John Kerry must compare our military to Nazis, and accuse them of terrorizing the Libyan people. Dingy Harry Reid oughta declare, “This war is lost,” and demand we withdraw because Obama’s Libyan War is a quagmire.

Of course, none of this will happen. When Democrats are in office “all’s fair … in lust and war.”

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