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A year after the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the Washington Post reports on what liberals are worried about now: that “there’s little appetite among legislators for new safety regulations. Instead, a single concern is prompting a drive more drilling: $4-a-gallon gas.” In fact, this week House Republicans will debate at least one measure to make it easier for oil companies to do more exploration off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, as well as in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Obama Regime’s point man for oil and gas regulations, Michael Bromwich, is mortified. He says: “There is a real risk that we’re going to end up unraveling and undoing many of the reforms we’ve worked so hard to do over the last 10 months, and that would be a tragedy.”

So, with $4-a-gallon prices – headed toward five dollars – Bromwich is complaining the Obama Regime’s plans to make it harder for oil and gas companies to explore for new energy could be foiled. If those dimwit tea-party-inspired Republicans in Congress, tragically, get in the way.

Remember. Before taking office, Obama went on record supporting high gas prices as a way to slow down our consumption of gasoline – which he believes is immoral. His only caveat was, the price rose too quickly. He and his liberal cronies won’t say it – they can’t say it – but the howling pain you experience at the gas pump is music to their big Dumbo ears!

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