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RUSH: You know who I might not want to be right now is Leon Panetta. Virtually everything Leon Panetta has said since this whole incident was discovered has been refuted. The latest… (chuckles) The regime puts out this picture of everybody in the Situation Room, and we’re all led to believe that they’re watching the raid in real time. That’s what we, the American people, are led to believe. Then you’ve got Obama sitting there, and it’s been observed that he (I observed it myself as the Big Voice on the Right) seemed very small, the smallest person in the room. He’s got on a golf shirt and a windbreaker. Gates and one other guy are the only other people in there with a tie on.

Hillary has her hand over her mouth like she can’t believe what she’s seeing. Her story today is, “No, no, no, no! I wasn’t upset at what I was seeing. It was an allergy problem.” Well, it turns out they weren’t watching anything. Panetta said it went dark for 25 minutes. The feed went black. There was nothing there. The picture in the Situation Room where they were intently watching every second of the raid, Panetta says they weren’t watching it. Panetta said the picture was going to be released. The picture’s not gonna be released. I can’t think of all the instances here where Panetta has done this.

The story is out that Panetta actually was instrumental in getting the decision made by Obama to do this. Hillary Clinton said, “Those were 38 of the most intense minutes of the raid on Bin Laden’s compound by the SEALs. I have no idea what any of us are looking at that particular millisecond when the picture was taken.” (laughs) Well, Panetta does! He said you were looking at a black screen. Thirty minutes of the feed — 25 or 30 minutes of it — was missing. They still can’t get their story straight about all of this.


RUSH: Hillary Clinton, by the way, she said, back to this picture. (laughing) I’m sorry. Poor Panetta. (laughing) They put this picture out of everybody watching the raid, Panetta says, no, the raid went dark, the feed went dark for 25 or 30 minutes.

That picture’s got Hillary with her hand over her mouth. She says it’s an allergy. Hillary says the 38 most intense minutes of her life. Now, and keep in mind, she’s been through labor, and yet that black screen was 38 of the most intense minutes of her life. She’s been through labor. She’s had sex with Bill presumably. She sat in that very room and watched Bill’s Lewinsky deposition, but this is the most intense 38 minutes of her life.


RUSH: Ian in Alpena, Michigan. I’m glad you called. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.

RUSH: Yes. Hi.

CALLER: Yeah, you were talking about Hillary Clinton earlier and she had an exciting 38 minutes —

RUSH: The most intense 38 minutes of her life, yeah.

CALLER: Yeah, I remember a while back she was talking about going into Bosnia under gunfire, and I just wondered if she forgot about that or —

RUSH: You know, that’s an excellent point. Hillary said that she was being fired on, they had to corkscrew in there, corkscrew land.

CALLER: Yeah. So I don’t know if —

RUSH: That’s right. She was under “snipper” fire.

CALLER: Yep. (laughing) That was just my comment on that and can I ask you one more thing? What do you think about Chris Christie and John Bolton for candidates in 2012?

RUSH: I like them both. I like them both. Christie says he’s not running. Christie says he’s not ready. Mitch Daniels says he’s not yet ready to debate Obama on foreign policy. And the AP says that none of the other Republicans are, either. Bolton I like. Bolton, you’re telling me Bolton’s not ready to debate Obama on foreign policy? Give me a break. At any rate, look, anything can happen. Christie could decide, you know, a year out that he’s ready. We’re still very fluid. The first Republican debate is tonight. It’s in South Carolina, right? Yeah, Fox has Juan Williams there and I’ll betcha Juan wishes he was in New York. You know, all these people assigned from the news agencies to the Republican debate, can you imagine how they’re feeling like they got the shaft? There’s Obama in New York, saving the city, and these guys have to go schlep down to South Carolina and hang around with a bunch of people they hate, Republicans.

I want to put something in perspective. Here’s Obama, the AP says that Obama’s bringing justice to New York today. The 9/11 families are there, 50 of them. We don’t know how they were selected. One 9/11 family refused to go because they haven’t been shown proof that Osama is dead. But think of this. Think how much happier even than they are today the 9/11 families would be if Obama had gotten his way and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other terrorists were on trial a few blocks away from Ground Zero, and imagine how happy the 9/11 families would be if there’s a brand-new nice mosque for them to visit nearby. That’s the kind of justice Obama wanted to give New York.

“What do you mean by that, Mr. Limbaugh? Are you trying to stir things up?” No. I’m just recounting the recent past, Mr. New Castrati. President Obama wanted to bring justice to New York by putting Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on trial in public, in Ground Zero. President Obama was in full-fledged support of a mosque at Ground Zero. Imagine if he had gotten his way and both events were taking place today, imagine how much infinitely happier the 9/11 families would be with all of those things to celebrate along with the death of Bin Laden. Oh, man, just to sit here and contemplate what coulda been.


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