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A blog in TheHill.com advances a novel theory about the long-term consequences of Osama Bin Laden becoming fish-food on Obama Bin Pharaoh’s watch. Note I said “novel” – not “correct.”

The blog entry, by Sam Youngman, is titled: “Democrats put on combat boots.” The theory is, the Bin Laden hit could signal a reversal in the long-held perception that Republicans are more trusted in matters of national defense, while Democrats are linked to “mommy issues,” like the economy, with a strong antiwar base.

Youngman says that when Rahm Emanuel recruited a bunch of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans to run in conservative districts in 2006 – the “narrative began to slowly change.” The Osama hit changes it more. “The college kids who were chanting, ‘USA’ outside the White House gates Sunday night were children when planes slammed into the Pentagon and Twin Towers,” he said. “In their short lifetimes, it was the Republican President who let the bad guy get away, and the Democrat who put a bullet in the bogeyman.”

Mr. Youngman quotes some Democrats strategists who are skeptical their Party has shed their “weak-on-defense” label. Actually, that’s where the smart money should go.

Democrats have spent every decade since the 60s building their anti-military, antiwar credentials. A cynical attempt to run veterans in conservative districts, and killing Bin Laden, isn’t enough to kill the truth. And the truth is, Democrats are weak on national security – because it’s part of their DNA; it’s who they are. Obama Bin Pharaoh … included.

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