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“Did you ever watch Rocky and Bullwinkle, ‘moose and squirrel’? Mika Brzezinski reminds me of Natasha. I know Natasha was a brunette, but it’s not that. It’s the quiet dignity, the good sense.”

“If your spouse has three different versions of a night out with the girls, she’s hiding something, right? Or she was so drunk she can’t remember and has to make up different stories. But probably hiding something.”

“Yep, pretty gutsy call for Obama to visit Ground Zero. He could be out celebrating Cinco De Mayo today, but I’m sure that he thinks he has the illegal alien vote already locked up.”

“I know, Snerdley, none of it seems believable — Michael Jackson and Brando driving around, with Brando insisting on stopping at Burger King. Besides, I would have figured Brando for a White Castle guy, because you can do those in one bite.”

“The Associated Press: ‘Obama Giving New York Its Moment of Justice on Bin Laden.’ Actually, ladies and gentlemen, our warriors have done that — our military has given New York its moment of justice on Bin Laden.”

“Back in the days of Capone, whenever there was a successful slaughter, the pictures were all over the newspapers: the blood, the guts, the gore… and the pasta, if it happened at a restaurant.”

“Now, follow me on this. Obama ordered an assassination, but he can’t say it. He put us on a path to socialized medicine, but he can’t say it. Bill Ayers was his good friend, but can’t say it. Obama has to hide who he is and what he’s doing, and he is the most transparent president ever.”

“Hillary says watching the Bin Laden raid was the 38 most intense minutes of her life. And she’s been through labor. And she’s had sex with Bill, presumably.”

“The Obama people really seem determined to snatch a propaganda defeat from the jaws of victory, and now they’re trying to blame the SEALs for their own bungling and establishing a narrative. This is what happens when you put children in jobs that are meant for grownups.”

“Mr. President, you used President Bush and Cheney’s methods to track and kill Bin Laden. Please use President Reagan’s policies to rescue this country.”

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