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Daphne Campbell of Miami is a freshman Democrat, elected to the Florida State House of Representatives. She is a nurse, and the mother of five children. She also happens to be an African-American. Last week, during her first legislative session, she voted for legislation that would require ultrasounds be provided before abortions.

As Ms. Campbell rose to speak in favor of the measure – which she voted for – a fellow Democrat, Scott Randolph of Orlando, started throwing papers at her desk. He then took her pen and threw it into the trash.

Mr. Scott – endorsed by Planned Parenthood – then threatened Ms. Campbell: “You are a traitor … I swear, you will not be re-elected. I will get an opponent,” he said. Other Democrats have reportedly joined Scott Randolph in a campaign of harassment.

The violent reaction to Daphne Campbell has a long historical context. Remember: Southern Democrats institutionalized Jim Crow laws; they prevented black people from voting, from being elected and from enjoying the full blessings of their rights as American citizens. Perhaps Mr. Randolph regards Ms. Campbell as his political property; she must obey, and tout, the Democrat Party line or pay the consequences.

The others who joined the Democrat mob to harass her are no better. In days gone by, they might have donned white hoods and sheets.

These Democrats deserve to be shamed, but it would do no good. They have no shame; for they are beholden to the culture of aborted death, and political bigotry. And it’s here for everybody to see.

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