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RUSH: Let me reiterate this, just kind of briefly summarize it from the first hour. If you’re a welfare recipient and you’re just getting up, just now tuning in to the show or what have you, I’m not gonna go through the entire first hour again, but today, ladies and gentlemen, as is the case most days, the Drive-Bys are filled with stories about all the problems the Republican Party’s having, “Man, this Medicare proposal of Paul Ryan’s, it’s killing the party. They gotta throw it overboard. They gotta get rid of this. They’re fracturing. They’re splitting. They’re not unified. They’re just losing everything, gotta get rid of it, and then they got to throw away this debt ceiling argument. The Republican Party is just throwing away everything it had,” and just the exact opposite — well, wait a minute, now. The Republican Party may eventually throw it all away, but the exact opposite is happening.

Michael Barone has a piece today, I forget where, it’s buried in the stack, but he’s right about it, the Democrats have a strategy, one of many, and one of their strategeries is to join the chorus now and then about spending. You’ll even hear Obama talk about spending is too high, we gotta get our deficit manageable, but then when it comes to time to do it, never join, never, ever come up with an idea, just sit back and let the Republicans do that, and then rip it to shreds. Rip every suggestion they make to shreds. Doesn’t matter if it’s entitlement form or a simple ten-dollar cut somewhere. Just rip it to shreds. But the mood of the country is to just take a knife to the size of this government and pare it down. It’s just gotten out of hand. It’s too intrusive. It’s too obstructionist. It’s too big. It’s too unwieldy, unmanageable. It’s starting to encroach on personal and individual liberty here in ways that people never imagined, just gotta get a handle on it.

So there was an election last November and it was a landslide victory for the people who campaigned on smaller government, essentially campaigned on conservative principles. It was a shellacking. It was a landslide. Now that’s November. Here we are in May. We’re basically seven months later, and, you know what? The whole landscape’s changed now. In seven months voters regret they elected Chris Christie. They regret they elected Bob McDonnell. The voters don’t want any spending cuts whatsoever. The voters want state and public employee unions to make more and more money. They want more campaign contributions going to the Democrat Party. That’s what we’re to believe. We’re also told the Republicans, if they know what’s good for ’em, they’ll nominate somebody Obama’s afraid of. That Obama says he’s afraid of.

The truth of the matter here is that there is an ascension taking place in this hemisphere toward conservatism. The elections in Canada shocked all of the so-called experts. To describe conservatism as ascending in Canada is to undersell what happened. It is launching, it is a rocket ship, conservatism in Canada. As it is here by virtue of elections. But again, seven months after the elections, you know what? That didn’t matter, people change their minds. We know this because we’ve got polling data which says so, say the media and say the Democrats. Look at the spin they’ve put out. Obama is just unbeatable. It’s sensible senseless for the Republicans to even nominate anybody this time. There’s no question he just can’t be beat. The exact opposite is true. He’s easily beatable, as would anybody be with this domestic record. Anybody would be beatable as the author of four-dollar-a-gallon gasoline, who has said, and it can be produced, that he doesn’t care that it’s four bucks he was only concerned about how fast it got to that level.

We’ve got a guy who openly wants to shut down domestic drilling. I don’t want to go through policy by policy, but we know his numbers are — look at the Bin Laden situation to see the desperation. Look at how desperately they are trying to spin the Bin Laden death into Obama greatness. That will tell you how precarious they know they are. Their own internal polling on the 2012 reelect is dismal for Obama, as it should be, folks. I mean anybody who wants to try to make the case that this record equals people who can’t wait to get to the polls to reelect the president, that’s absurd. Nobody voted for this. Nobody wants this. Nobody wants a declining United States. Nobody wants a declining US economy. Nobody wants rising food prices. Nobody wants rising gasoline prices. Nobody wants the price of their home to be worth less than their mortgage. Why would we reelect the guy who did it all?

This is so simple it shouldn’t require any time whatsoever to explain. I’m happy to take the time, but none of what’s happening today was voted for. Do you think the people that voted for Obama in 2008 were voting for this? If people were voting for this his approvals would be in the sixties or the seventies. Nobody voted for this. Oh, you might have 20, 30% of the radical left in this country that enjoys it, but the people who make the country work, it’s not what they want the country to be and they clearly didn’t vote for it. So where is the logic that says they can’t wait to reelect him? Where’s the logic that says, “Yeah, give us four more years of this?” Who’s out there asking for four more years of this? The only people who are asking for four more years of it are the media and the Democrats. It kinda misses the point to call ’em the media. They’re all liberals. There’s just degrees of liberalism that we talk about now, Marxist, socialist, communist, Democrat, but they’re all the same bunch, pure and simple.

If the election were held tomorrow it would not matter who the republic nominee is. Dirty little secret: Wouldn’t matter, as long as his middle name is “Gasoline Price is Four Bucks a Gallon” or as long as his middle name is “Unemployment 9%.” In fact, if I’m a Republican nominee, I officially change my name and I show the new birth certificate reflecting the new name change. I am Mitch “Unemployment’s at 9%” Daniels, or I am Donald — well, he doesn’t need a middle name. But, folks, what are we talking about here? Why even entertain for a moment unless you’re obsessed with fear, unless you’re just drowning in fear, or you’re concerned about election fraud? Legitimate concern. But there’s nobody that voted for this, not even Obama. Obama’s talking about fixing it, isn’t he? Is Obama promising you four more years of 9% unemployment, or is he trying to tell you he’s gonna fix it? Is Obama promising you that your house is gonna be less than your mortgage? And we get four more years of it?

Not even Obama’s campaigning on his agenda. He does as far as his reelect is concerned. He cares about what people think as far as his reelect is concerned. If this is what people wanted, Obama would be promising 10% unemployment in two years, or 11%. If this is what the country needs, if this is what is good for the country why stop at 9%? Let’s go 11%. Why did Obama get so jazzed, why did the regime get so jazzed over 244,000 jobs being created? Simple. They know they can’t win if it doesn’t change. They know they can’t win at 9% unemployment. The truth is Obama does want four more years of this, folks. He’s already got two and a half years under his belt and he wants four more. That’s the problem. He does want four more of this, and a lot of his Democrat buddies would love four more of this, but they know they can’t get elected saying so. See, in that little phrase is where the truth finally emerges, and that is none of what’s happened guarantees anybody reelection. And that’s what we’re hearing, he’s so unbeatable it’s senseless to nominate serious contenders, save them for 2016? Yeah, throw your bench at them, throw your losers at ’em, get ’em out of the way, clear the way for the big guns in 2016. Yeah, that’s the ticket, right, ’cause everybody wants four more years of this crap.

And again, the Washington Post story here from Chris Cillizza: “Mitch Daniels, the Man Who Could Reshape the Republican Field.” Here you have an agent of the regime, State-Controlled Media, writing a piece that essentially says Mitch Daniels is the only guy that can save the Republican Party, and Mitch Daniels, the governor of Indiana, is the only guy who can give the Republican Party any weight, any seriousness, and if he decides not to run, why, it’s all over. And you even have Obama quoted talking about how formidable Daniels would be, (imitating Obama) “Yeah, he’s a very serious guy, don’t agree with him on everything, but he’s formidable.” Well, that’s another thing. Yeah, Obama and the Democrats, they really do want us to nominate their biggest threat, right? They really do want us to nominate the guy they think can beat them. The fact is they would love the nominee to be Ron Paul. They would love the nominee to be somebody that’s gonna get 20% of the vote. They don’t want the nominee to be somebody that can beat ’em, yet here’s a story about how they love that guy.

It could be about anybody. I’m not attacking Mitch Daniels. I’m sitting here, I’m reading the news, and I’m analyzing it as I do, seeing the stitches on a fastball. “Should Daniels opt not to run, on the other hand, the unpredictability that has ruled the race would almost certainly continue unabated.” A field without Daniels would equal the end of the Republican Party. That’s what the story says. Well, that’s what Obama wants. The end of the Republican Party is what all of insider Washington wants, and here’s a piece about how to do it. We’re supposed to sit here and think they want us to nominate somebody they think can beat them. Sorry. I’m not buying. That’s not how it works.

And then there’s two stories: Republicans, you better stop this Medicare overhaul if you have any hope of winning. You better stop it. The way to read that is, they are so scared the Republicans are gonna succeed here. They’re scared to death of entitlement reform, the Democrats are. They are scared to death. They know it has to happen. They want to try to kill the Republicans while they bring it about. The trend in this hemisphere is toward conservatism. Yeah, the election of Chris Christie, New Jersey, you know, the citizens are embarrassed now, they reject it, that’s what the media would like you to believe. Same in Virginia. Voters in Virginia who elected Bob McDonnell, gosh, they wish they could do it again. Voters in Massachusetts who elected the senator there, Scott Brown, wish they could do it all over again, too. This is not what they want. The voters last November who voted for smaller government, get spending and entitlements under control, stop this massive spending leading to uncontrollable debt, yeah, the voters have changed their mind. They want new spending. They want bigger government, and they want uncontrollable debt. That’s what they’re telling us.

Sorry, folks, that hasn’t happened. The way people voted in November is the way they would vote tomorrow if there were an election. And the libs know this. So don’t fall for all of this stuff. It’s made to order, to dispirit you and panic you. The whole purpose of media today, yesterday, 10, 20 years ago, tomorrow, the whole purpose is to convince you that conservatism loses. In the midst of a huge conservative ascendancy of victory after victory after victory, they want you to think it’s a loser. Don’t fall for it.


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