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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, we had this story yesterday — I didn’t get a chance to get to it — but it seems that Osama Bin Laden’s son, Omar Bin Laden, has issued a statement that has appeared on a couple of important terrorist websites, including the New York Times. And among the complaints of Omar is that his father did not get a trial. I gotta disagree with him there, folks. He got a trial by fire. Plain as day for anybody to believe because nobody’s seen it. But that’s what we’ve been told. Now, it’s a trial by fire. He got some kind of a trial, which is more than he gave the people he killed.

I almost fell for a hoax piece today. I almost fell for it. It’s so good and there’s a lot of potential truth in it. It’s a story from one of Osama’s wives, how embarrassed she was and what a mess the house was in when the SEALs showed up. I was all ready to put it at the top of the stack and run with it. I just headline scanned it first, and I dig deep into these things as we near show time and when I got to the part where she asked the SEALs to wait until she straightened up the bedroom, “Okay, I’ve been had here,” in the nick of time. It’s a hilarious piece. One of Osama’s wives asking the SEALs and telling the world she’s profoundly embarrassed what a mess the place was. Apparently, though, Osama’s son, Omar, is upset that we would kill an unarmed civilian like that instead of doing it the good old-fashioned way, hijacking an airplane and flying it into the hut that his father was living in.

Meanwhile, Omar Bin Laden says he needs proof that the United States killed his dad. And on top of that he’s upset because we buried him wrong. Now, how could we have buried him wrong if we haven’t killed him? But this is one of the complaints from Osama Bin Laden’s kid. And so he’s actually threatening to sue. He’s threatening to sue the United States, probably already retained an ACLU lawyer. (interruption) Well, it depends on how far the lawsuit goes, whether or not he gets to see the pictures. But I mean if he sues the United States — and is there any doubt he’ll get an ACLU lawyer, working pro bono? The only question, let’s say this happens. Okay, here we have the bereaved son of Osama Bin Laden, Omar Bin Laden, he doesn’t believe that his dad was killed but then he’s upset at how he was killed and buried. So he’s filed suit against the United States, gonna go out there and get a pro bono ACLU lawyer. The real question here will be which side Eric Holder’s Justice Department takes in the lawsuit. (laughing) Will Holder be on the side of Bin Laden’s kid and his pals at the ACLU or will Holder defend the United States? Talk about being on the horns of a dilemma if you are the attorney general.

Meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, our brave young president has added his heroic killing of Bin Laden to his campaign stump speech, which means he’s practically dredged up the body of Bin Laden so he can campaign with it. “Obama and Bin Laden Appear in El Paso,” is an appropriate headline. It’s kind of like, do you remember the movie Weekend at Bernie’s? Did you see that? Well, I’m starting to think that the way Obama is talking, everywhere he goes he’s gonna be taking Osama with him, gonna be reminding everybody how heroic he was and how uniquely intelligent he was. How all of these people tried to get Osama but only he, Obama, pulled it off, an event that we have memorialized in our Club Gitmo merchandise line at the EIB Store. (interruption) Whoa, whoa, whoa — don’t tell me that.

My friends, a staffer just said to me that the way I’m recounting this, comparing this to Weekend at Bernie’s and so forth, that this is distasteful. No, look, what I am doing is no more tasteless than what Obama himself is doing on the campaign. He goes out to the one little enclave in Texas that likes him, throws Republicans under the bus in a cheap, I mean really unpresidential — they talk about Palin having a thin skin. Boy, this guy is so thin-skinned you can see through it. So if anybody is acting tasteless here and if anybody is acting arrogant at the same time, it is our young man-child president, Barack Obama.

Do you remember how the news media warned Bush how they would go after him if he even dared to mention 9/11 in any of his campaign speeches or ads? Do you remember those admonitions? Do you hear any similar admonitions against President Obama as he runs around and practically campaigns with the corpse? No, you don’t hear anything like that. But, anyway, Obama’s strategy appears to be paying off, if you believe the AP poll. The AP and one other poll are very questionable. AP has Obama at 60% approval, but then we’ll get into detail here in a moment. If you look at their sample, it’s like 46% Democrat, 21% Republican, small number of independents and moderates and so forth, the No Labels people. But it’s a joke. The AP poll is an absolute joke.

Get this, now. Yahoo News asks you to rate the news stories that you’re reading on their website. Their top story right now, the number one story is their AP poll of Obama now at 60% job approval. The next two stories in the world right now on Yahoo, number two, Newt Gingrich’s dirty polluter money, and he hasn’t even announced yet. (laughing) He’s gonna announce tonight on Facebook and the social websites, Twitter, whatever, that’s how he’s gonna announce. (interruption) Well, yeah, yeah, yeah, he’s gonna be on with Hannity on Fox. But he’s gonna announce it out there on the social websites. So the number one story on Yahoo is Obama’s AP story, 60% approval number, number two story is Gingrich’s dirty polluter money. And the third most popular story at Yahoo, Bristol Palin says she’s had corrective jaw surgery. Those are the top three stories at the Yahoo News website.


RUSH: A little bit here about this Associated Press poll. Folks, get this and put it in perspective for you. Some of the other polling data that is out there. Rasmussen Reports the Obama approval index at Rasmussen is minus 12. His “strongly approve” number is 25% at Rasmussen; his “strongly disapprove” number is 37%. The overall, total approval for Obama at Rasmussen is 48%. Gallup is about the same. The Wall Street Journal is about the same. AP is a nightmare. There are couple of others, maybe one other that I have it in front of me which one it is, that are reporting in nonsense, and I can demonstrate for you how nonsensical it is by sharing with you AP’s own analysis of their poll.

The AP analysis says that Obama’s getting such a spike, such a huge increase in his general approval numbers because of this. He has proved now to the American people that he is a strong leader who will protect us from terrorism. He’s proven that now. He’s taken all doubt about that off the table. But that’s not all. This AP poll is an attempt to convince us that by killing Bin Laden and taking Bin Laden on the campaign trail with him, that Obama has now ended the recession. Obama has now lowered unemployment. He has solved the housing market collapse, and he has put an end to the spiraling cost of food and gasoline.

That’s the spin from AP! All of that comprises this 60% approval number. But the specific analysis that Obama’s getting a such a spike in his general approval numbers because he’s proved now to the American people he’s a strong leader who will protect us from terrorism? President Bush ought to demand an AP poll recount! As you recall Bush had terrible approval numbers. He was in the high thirties, the mid-thirties. Wolf Blitzer would spend an hour and a half counting down the next release of Bush’s approval numbers, they were so low. But what did Bush do? Bush protected us from terrorism, and he did it much better than Obama has.

And Bush was presiding over a booming economy at the time. Bush was presiding over a great housing market at the time. There was almost no inflation for most of the Bush years, at least until the Democrats took over Congress in 2007. Now, how do you explain that? How do you explain a guy with a roaring economy, no inflation, and strong credentials on keeping the country safe — George W. Bush — in the thirties; and Barack Obama — who has dithered on every foreign policy question there is, he’s apologized all over the world for this country; he has basically exhibited a lack of interest in foreign policy, it’s an inconvenience; he even dithered on what to do about Osama; it took eight months, ten months, whatever, to figure out what to do there after they had the intel about where Osama was?

So here you’ve got a guy, the housing market is collapsing; food and gasoline prices are spiraling out of control; unemployment is holding steady at 9% and probably going to get worse. In other words, there is no booming question. There is no great housing market like Bush had. There is inflation. Yet with the same factors, Bush is in the mid-thirties and Obama is at 60%. This proves one of my contentions for many, many moons behind the Golden EIB Microphone in that polls are not a reflection of public opinion.

They are an attempt to shape it. Make no mistake about it. The media used these polls to promote the politicians they like and punish those that they don’t like, and it is as clear as a bell in this AP poll. Folks, I’m just using their own analysis. Everything they use, everything they cite to explain why Obama’s at 60% can be assigned President Bush in multiple times. Yet Bush had half the approval rating, in AP, that Obama has. It’s just an amazing thing. We know it. We know the bias exists. We have to come to accept it and live with it, but it’s still striking when you see it to this degree in the AP.

There’s no way he’s at 60%.

Don’t doubt me.


RUSH: Here’s the official breakout on the AP poll that shows Obama at 60% approval number. Forty-six percent of the respondents were Democrat; 29% were Republican; and 4% were independent. (laughing) It’s a laughable joke.


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