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RUSH: Got a great sound bite roster. Let me just give you an example. Audio sound bite number one, last night Eyeball News in Indianapolis, WTHR-TV, Eyeball News, here is a portion. They got a political correspondent there named Kevin Rader, and he had a report about the governor, Mitch Daniels and his possible run for president. This was a focus of Mr. Rader’s report.

RADER: Not all reaction is positive. Talk show host Rush Limbaugh has taken issue with the governor on his syndicated radio show.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Serious person, also means boring and moderate.

RUSH: So there you have it, that’s out of all I said, that’s what they included. I’m not even sure I was talking about Daniels there. We had a generic discussion about this whole predisposition on the Republican side of things to only be interested in serious people, you know, serious is the new gravitas, and I was simply pointing out that serious also means boring and moderate.


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