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RUSH: Jake Tapper, audio sound bite number two here. This is this morning on Good Morning America. George “Stephy” Stephanopoulos talked to the Senior White House Correspondent Jacob Tapper about the 2012 presidential election, Newt declaring his candidacy today. Stephanopoulos said, “It seems like Newt’s not at the top. I know you’ve been talking to the White House and other Democrat officials. Newt is not the Republican candidate they’re most worried about. Who are they most worried about the at the White House, Jacob?

TAPPER: If they had to pick, Democrats I spoke to inside the White House and outside the White House think the most formidable contender would be former ambassador to China and Utah Governor Jon Huntsman. But they don’t think that he has a real path to the nomination. Another Republican they consider formidable would be Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.

RUSH: Right, right, that’s what they’re gonna do. Jake, tell me you don’t fall for this, that you have to report this? This whole thing is part of the creation of a template and a narrative. Who comes up with the idea, Jake, call the White House. Maybe Jake comes up with it himself. But, no, there has to be some master comer-up-with, because they all do it. So Jake calls his contacts in the White House, “Hey, tell me, 2012’s right around the corner; you got the president out there in Texas campaigning today, practically got the corpse of Bin Laden with him. You’re down there talking about amnesty and immigration, when you say you fixed the problem. So who are you really worried about? Who do you really think could beat you in 2012?” And they honestly tell us Huntsman or Mitch Daniels.

Now, we know that Jake Tapper is not gonna be voting for either of those two guys, do we not? We know that Jake Tapper is not gonna be voting for Newt. We know that Jake Tapper is not gonna be voting for Ron Paul or Herman Cain, Romney, or Huckabee. He’s not gonna be voting for a Republican, right? He’s gonna be voting for Obama. So they really expect us to believe that the names they give us in response to this question are serious? They’re really honest about this? The White House has said about Huntsman, “Oh, yeah.” In fact, whoever at the White House, the unquoted spokesman, I read it, the unquoted spokesman said Huntsman’s the guy that really, really, really worries ’em. You know why? Bipartisanship. Huntsman is a centrist and he has the ability to work with both sides. He’s really the only guy that would give Obama fits. It’s what the White House is putting out, and then Mitch Daniels next.

Let me try this in a different perspective. If the Democrats — and I could use two or three names here, but I’ll just use one. And keep in mind I haven’t endorsed anybody. That’s not what this is. If the White House really thought that the biggest slam-dunk opportunity they had was Sarah Palin, that’s who they woulda said. But, no, they mention Huntsman. They mention Mitch Daniels. They want to pick our nominee. The media and the Democrats want to pick our nominee. You know what they know? They know that there are a lot of conservative Republicans who desperately hope that someday before they die the media will respect them. You know this is true.

There are people on our side who desperately hope that before they die the media will give our side a fair shake. And that’s what they’re playing on. They’re hoping that this is one of those rare moments where the media is being truthful.

“Yeah, don’t tell anybody, but you know who Obama’s really worried about?”


“Don’t tell anybody, we could get in big trouble here. I mean, if this gets out, real trouble. We don’t want anybody to know this. Yes, Huntsman and Daniels, but don’t tell anybody. If it’s either of those guys we are in real trouble.”

“Well, why are you telling us this?”

“Well, we were asked the question and we answered the question honestly.”

“You are answering it honestly?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“So Huntsman and Daniels, that’s who you’re really worried about?”

“Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I wouldn’t tell you otherwise. That’s what we told Jake Tapper.”


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