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Last Thursday, House Speaker John Boehner reiterated his position that deep spending cuts are needed to bring the federal deficit under control. He said the White House and the Democrats are reacting to the Republican budget plan with “panic and hysteria” – but the GOP is “determined to cut spending and change the way Washington spends taxpayer dollars.”

Boehner also said: “The American people have overwhelmingly rejected the idea of giving the President a blank check to increase the debt limit – and the Republicans are listening to them.” He said doing nothing isn’t an option – and that cutting trillions from our long-term spending “isn’t radical.” Among the proposals Boehner put on the table … is to match any increase in the debt limit with even greater corresponding spending cuts.

Roll Call reported this in a story headlined: “Boehner Defends Demand for Deep Cuts.” That’s the Washington mindset. Not one “serious” journalist – or elected official of either Party – would claim the federal government’s finances are sound. Yet even though Obama’s deficit spending is greater in just half a term, than Bush’s was in his entire eight years, we get headlines that Boehner is “defending” calls for spending cuts.

In a sane political environment, Obama would be called out, daily, by these very journalists – and made to defend his reckless spending spree! And made to defend the Democrats’ decades-old opposition to reforming our bankrupt entitlement programs. But in Washington … insanity prevails – and the piss-poor economic “reporting” is a symptom of how deep that insanity runs!

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