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RUSH: So a number of people in the e-mail think that the media are paying me back for Operation Chaos. Here’s the theory. The media really is scared to death of Mitch Daniels, that he is a genuine true Reagan conservative, but by having Cillizza and Ruth Marcus and all these other libs come out and say they’re for him is totally meant to fool me because the theory goes that I will make or break any Republican nominee, and if they can convince me to be critical and ultimately oppose Mitch Daniels, then they will have succeeded. So I am the target of a Reverse Operation Chaos, payback. This is one theory, and I’m seeing it multiple times here in my e-mail. “You better perk up, Rush. You better be really prepared for what they’re doing to you ’cause they’re aiming all of this at you because they know if they can convince you to dislike somebody, then that person’s finished.”

Now, number two. “Get your facts straight. Mitch Daniels never got divorced.” This is from a financial guy in Carmel, Indiana. “Rush, I think you might want to go back and fact check your story you just aired on Mitch Daniels. Cheri,” which he misspells here, “Cheri and Mitch reconciled. She never married a high school sweetheart. That’s total BS. I enjoy your show at times but please fact check your story before you discuss it on the air. I am sure Mitch’s press secretary will enjoy correcting your misstep. In addition, a person who looks like an accountant of a mid-sized manufacturing plant might be a nice change from a socialist that wants to spread the wealth around.” Hey, I didn’t categorize Mitch Daniels as looks like an accountant of a mid-sized manufacturing plant. That’s somebody in the media. Where is the CBS story? Here it is. Jan Crawford is the writer. It’s a CBS News story today. Actually, I think they ran the story last night: “Mitch Daniels Closer to Deciding … What’s more, the couple has a personal relationship that can only be described as complicated. They divorced in 1994.”

Now, the guy from Carmel, Indiana said they never got divorced. Okay, it is CBS. He may have a point. So here’s the story. “They divorced in 1994 and Cheri Daniels married an old boyfriend, only to divorce him and remarry Mitch Daniels in 1997. Neither of them discuss that time in their lives publicly. Daniels told the Indianapolis Star in 2004: ‘If you like happy endings, you’ll love our story. Love and the love of children overcame any problems.'” Okay. So we’ve got an assertion here that Mitch Daniels never got divorced. We’ve fact checked it. Here’s what we found. “Daniels and his wife Cheri divorced in 1994. She moved to California, leaving Daniels with the four daughters, aged 8 to 14, and married a doctor. She divorced again and moved back to Indiana. She and Mitch remarried in 1997.” So that’s two sources that we’ve gotta fact check. Okay, so this guy, you can tell in his e-mail he’s fit to be tied here. He thinks I’m gonna be hearing from Mitch’s press people. Well, yeah, we should demand to see the certificates. Marriage license, divorce papers and all that.

But this theory going around that I’m the victim of a Reverse Operation Chaos, let me tell you something. You people who have that theory, we here at the EIB Network are the ones who game the other side. We don’t get played here. You might think we get played. We don’t get played here. We game the other side. That’s what we do. Then there’s this. And this e-mail is in response to my explaining why Cheri Daniels does not want to be first lady. She doesn’t want the publicity, doesn’t want any part of the job. And again, my source for this is other Republican presidential hopefuls. I never knew this until they told me and everything I’ve read about it since has of course confirmed what they told me. But she just has had no interest in politics, just doesn’t like it, so there’s this.

This is from Catrina, by the way, with a C. “Rush, you truly are a moron. I’ll tell you what it means, you vapid chuckle head. It means that she’s tired of the retarded, brain-dead, meaningless, monosyllabic, garbles-like newspeak, party line propaganda, right-think of wax philosophic methane of the mouth flatulence you personally helped to dumb down the population and the national dialogue with, consisting of entirely demonizing the other party instead of having a real conversation, an intellectually driven debate in which both parties treat one another with respect and thus are capable of working together to solve our problems. But you, you don’t want such a debate sans rhetoric or cooperation above and beyond party lines ’cause keeping people arguing about nonissues that you arrogantly claim to have the rights to, like morality, somehow serves your interests. You, my friend, are truly a despicable and evil person.”

So I’m the reason that Cheri Daniels doesn’t want any part of being first lady. Gosh, this is fun, all of this. Look at this passion, this emotion that’s getting ramped up out here. This is what makes all of this great, is passion, folks. And it’s overflowing on this.


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