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RUSH: Edwards Air Force Base in California. This is Reed. Nice to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I heard on several occasions you mentioned Tora Bora and we turned it to 6,000 degrees, and I was actually there for that.

RUSH: You were there? I had been told — I might get in trouble for this but I’ve been told — that there were photos of Bin Laden on horseback at Tora Bora ten minutes prior to you turning the place 6,000 degrees.

CALLER: I think they mixed up a couple of days. We were there a couple of days prior to that when they — we were working with a (unintelligible) that, as a matter of fact, had mentioned he’d seen what they thought was Osama leading troops, and we were assigned to bomb ’em. We had a weapons malfunction that kept us from putting the weapons on the target. So I think that’s the day that he escaped. It was a couple days later when they brought in the C-130 and dropped that fuel air explosive that I think that’s what you were referring to —

RUSH: Yeah, that’s right.

CALLER: — and we followed up. There was three of us — I’m a B-52 pilot — and we followed up with three of us droppin’ Mark 82s, full loads of Mark 82s, so…

RUSH: Wow. You fly the BUFF.

CALLER: Yeah. I recently retired. I’m up at Edwards now as a test pilot but that was back in, I think, early December —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — and the reason I called was we used to have to fly up, from where we were stationed, in order to get there. As you know, Afghanistan is landlocked, and we’d have to flythrough Pakistan to get to Afghanistan.

RUSH: At what altitude are you flying the BUFF?

CALLER: Excuse me? Oh, well, we would operate in the lower forties and sometimes around up 45 or 55,000.

RUSH: Do they have anything that can hit you at that altitude?

CALLER: Certainly not the Afghanis. There was all sorts of talk about them climbing up those big mounts and taking potshots at us with shoulder launched. We didn’t believe that. The big reason I called is early on as we started to prosecute the war — we were one of the first units to respond after 9/11, and shortly after that when we started the war — we’d drive up what they called the “driveway” through Pakistan, and it was an agreed route that the host country would have us fly up through, and it took us over a couple of the cities in south Pakistan. Well, those bastards would bang away at us with AAA’s. We’d fly over the cities and they’d —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. I’ve got a question and my time is dwindling. Are you saying the Pakistanis have been firing on us for a while now?

CALLER: Oh, yeah, yeah. From the very beginning now. They told us it was “rogue elements in the military,” but they shot us with heavy AAA over some of their southern towns and felt they had to change the driveway to avoid the city.

RUSH: Interesting, interesting. All right, look, Reed: I’m honored to have you in the audience. I’m honored that you called. Proves the ineffectiveness of the haughty John Kerry even more.


RUSH: Okay. Let’s review. My last caller, the BUFF driver (that’s what they call the B-52) says Pakistan has been shooting at our planes flying over their country for years. Nevertheless, we have given them $20 billion in aid over the last ten years, and people like the haughty John Kerry say we should give them more. Now, this is the kind of stuff the average citizen sees and it just makes no sense. This is what leads people to think that whatever they hear — whatever they hear reported about something — is just all lies. Pakistan an “ally,” shooting at us. We give them money. They turn around and use some of that money to shoot at us. We’re told, “Well, Rush, you know, they gotta play a double game there. I mean, they got nukes. They gotta fend off the Taliban in their country; they gotta fend off Al-Qaeda.” Yeah, while they’re obviously protecting Bin Laden.


RUSH: Stuart, Florida, right up the road. Paul, great to have you on the program. Thank you for waiting, sir.

CALLER: Thank you. How are you doing, neighbor?

RUSH: Very good, sir, thanks.

CALLER: Quickly I just wanted to make a comment and see how you feel about it. All this talk about our troubled relationship with Pakistan reminds me of a line from the movie The Godfather where the Godfather, Don Corleone looks to his son and says, “Remember one thing: Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.” Does that relate to our relationship with Pakistan, Rush?

RUSH: You mean us considering Pakistan an enemy —


RUSH: — that we have to keep close?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: We’ll keep ’em close.

RUSH: To a certain extent, they present a dilemma. They are firing on us, and they have been for a while, and the Taliban/Al-Qaeda, would love to overthrow the regime in Pakistan, and the Pakistani regime knows it. So they have to go through the motions of acting like we are an enemy to help keep some of those people at bay, and at the same time satisfy us that they are enough of an ally to warrant the $20 billion or whatever that we could cease to pay.


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