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Hey folks, you’ll be excited to learn where two million of your tax dollars are going. Thanks to a Department of Agriculture pilot program in San Antonio, five elementary schools in high-obesity and high-poverty areas are installing high-tech cameras in cafeterias. The Big Brother cafeteria spy-cams will be placed at lunch lines and trash areas – and will read bar codes embedded in the food trays.

According to Dr. Roger Echon with the Social and Health Research Center – the outfit in charge of implementing the food-spy program – the technology will measure what the students are eating, and the nutrient levels. Dr. Roberto Trevino, also with the Center, says: “We’re going to snap a picture of the food tray at the cashier and we will know what has been served. When the child goes back to the disposal window, we’re going to measure the leftover.” They say children will not be photographed, and those who participate must have parental permission.

So we need high-tech spy cams to tell us what’s being served in schools? What the nutritional value is? How much food is being tossed?

Without spending a dime for high-tech research or feasibility studies – I can tell you how this project is going to end up. In the trashcan. Along with the discarded fruits, vegetables, and government cheese. It would be much easier to save the money – and toss out the liberals who came up with this rot-gut idea in the first place!

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