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“They try to tell us that Maria Shriver was a journalist, but for ten years Arnold kept that love child a secret from his wife. Arnold’s big mistake — aside from the obvious mistake — was thinking that he’s a real Kennedy. In the end, he was just a Schwarzenegger.”

“I, El Rushbo, raise both hands, I am the Mr. Big of the default deniers. Today I claim the mantle. I proudly and honestly come to you today as the Mr. Big of the default deniers. We will not default on anything.”

“Newt is seeking the approval of Democrats, moderates and the media. He knows full well that the way you get the media on your side is to rip conservatives. He’s seen McCain pull that off.”

“If we were not to raise the debt limit, we would be perceived around the world as serious and responsible for a change. Otherwise we are headed for junk bond status, and the only people who want that are the people who seek to fundamentally transform this country as it was founded.”

“The French are shocked. Frankly, I am, too. I have never seen a member of the socialist elite treated the way this perp is being treated, Mr. Strauss-Kahn. One night he’s in a $3,000-a-night suite at the St. Regis. The next night he’s on Rikers Island. That is New York’s collection point of human debris.”

“Nobody seems to notice in all of this that a hard-core socialist has been running the International Monetary Fund, and we wonder why the world is in the economic situation that it is in.”

“Liberals, Democrats, this is ridiculous and absurd, the ideas these people have and the things that they think are serious and that matter. Why not just take the kids out at recess and let ’em graze like we do the cows, for crying out loud?”

“Belief in global warming requires faith because there is no evidence. There’s no evidence of manmade destructive climate change, global warming, what have you. The evidence that we have suggests that the whole thing’s been a hoax and a fraud.”

“Something about this Dominique Strauss-Kahn guy reminds me of Pepe LePew. Everything about this guy reminds me of Pepe LePew.”

“At 3,000 bucks we almost could excuse Dominique Strauss-Kahn for thinking the maid was included.”

“Why is there even a debt limit if it would be catastrophic if it were not raised whenever it suits Congress to raise it?”

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