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“Thirty-five percent of American adults on the dole, to me, is the single reason why I have been doing this show since I started in Sacramento. Everything you want to know about what’s wrong with American politics is in that number.”

“Gary Hart was the original Clinton — he was just ahead of his time.”

“According to the Times, the Bush legacy of torture and abuse has forced our young president to keep Guantanamo Bay open. Now, I don’t care who’s responsible for it — if Obama is keeping Gitmo open, does that not make him a war criminal?”

“Schiller said that he made statements during the course of that meeting that are ‘counter to NPR’s values’ and also ‘not reflective’ of his own beliefs. He’s possessed by demons, obviously…. maybe he’s possessed by Charlie Sheen.”

“So Obama says he took a course in international relations as an undergrad. Fine. Okay. My mom made me take out the trash, so I know about waste removal.”

“The payment of unemployment benefits is almost as high as Social Security in this country. Folks, we are not going to survive as a nation — not with this kind of sloth and laziness and feeding at the public trough.”

“A lot of people haven’t been taught the founding, haven’t been taught industriousness, haven’t been taught self-reliance — all that stuff’s sneered at. Folks, this is a crime. There’s not very much that could make me cry, but this could.”

“If you’re going to pay people for 99 weeks not to work, guess what? They’re not going to work. Pure and simple.”

“Maine has been granted a waiver from Obamacare. Now, isn’t there something in the US Constitution called the equal-protection clause? Of course, if the regime cared one whit about the Constitution we wouldn’t even have this monstrosity in the first place, but we do.”

“Khadafy is a lunatic. He’s an insane asylum with a mouth.”

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