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A lot of people have been e-mailing me, “Hey, Rush, when are you going to post the pictures from 24 when you went out there?” And I say, “Well, as soon as I get ’em.” I mean, I can’t post ’em till I get ’em. “Well, when are you going to get ’em?” When I get ’em.

So I got ’em today. I got two CDs and the pictures from 24, and there must be 300 of them. Yeah, yikes, and they’re all like, you know, two MBs each. They didn’t compress them so I’ll have to do that when we put them up on the website. I’ll try to go through them this afternoon and select a couple or three to put up on the website tonight. I’ve burned a couple copies of the CDs for Koko, the webmaster, and he’ll get those tomorrow, and then we’ll be able to fully go through these and pick.

Some of them were taken with one of these auto shutters, ja-jing, ja-jing, ja-jing. They’re various poses with eyes half open, hands where they shouldn’t have been, that sort of thing, but they’re all great. It’s fantastic. So I got the pictures, all of you have been asking, it will be up on the website, two or three teasers, this afternoon or this evening when we update the site to reflect the contents of today’s program.

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