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“We can put a man on the moon, we can play romantic, classical music for sharks, but we can’t find 12 million illegals?”

“I love that name, by the way: Martha. It’s one of my top 50 favorite female names. Well, actually, it’s in the top ten.”

“The Breck Girl saying that the war on terror is nothing more than ‘a bumper sticker slogan’ scares me. The United States is a great nation at great risk in a dangerous world, and if we elect somebody that doesn’t understand that, then I am frightened to death.”

“It just angers me like I can’t tell you when some in the media and the Democrat Party besmirch and impugn members of the military. These are truly special and unique people. There aren’t very many of them, and they don’t deserve to be impugned or ridiculed.”

“You liberals are driven by surface things. You’re driven by the color of somebody’s skin or their gender or their sexual orientation, and then you dare to throw out all these accusations at people in this audience. We have more depth than you could ever sink to.”

“We have a lot of female callers today, and they always add a lift to the program and a different perspective. Even their anger is more manageable and cute. Well, I probably shouldn’t say cute.”

“I think it matters who the woman is running for president, not that she’s a woman. I mean, you give me Margaret Thatcher today, I’d vote for her. Jeanne Kirkpatrick, I would have voted for her. I mean, we can’t let what those seventh-century dolts in the Middle East affect what we do here.”

“These Islamofascists treat women as genuine second-class citizens and they are truly anti-Semitic. It is time to wake up and answer this question: Why in the world do these people want to come somewhere with a culture so vibrantly different than theirs, if not to change ours?”

“That’s what it says right here in the headline: ‘John Edwards Stakes Claim on Pirate Booty.’ He also said he was ‘uncomfortable’ with gays. Guess he just doesn’t like to walk the plank.”

“That’s what life with me is like, Laurie: a never-ending series of up-and-down emotions.”


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