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“Who do you think General Petraeus would rather have on his side? Me or Harry Reid?”

“I’ll tell you what else this smear of me is: a reflection on the thinking and tactics that will be employed with the full weight and power of the federal government should Hillary Clinton become our next president.”

“I don’t know about you, General Clark, but I go to bed at night with zero problems. How do you and the rest of the Clinton administration sleep, sir, knowing you did nothing about the genocide in Rwanda?”

“I figured for the 15th-anniversary issue of the Limbaugh Letter we’d make it about me — since it’s my newsletter. There’s an extensive interview with me in there that Mr. Snerdley conducted and I don’t know how, but he got stuff out of me that I’ve never said before.”

“Faithful people frighten those who have no faith, because faithful people realize there’s something larger than themselves.”

“What we’re seeing here from Wesley Clark, Media Matters for America, and all of the Democrats on the floor of the House and Senate — denouncing me, a private citizen — is not just liberalism. It’s Stalinist. It’s using the power of the state to intimidate citizens.”

“If you’re with a bunch of friends and the boat you’re in sinks and you start drowning, they will stay away from you — because they’re afraid you’ll take them down with you. This has happened to me once, by the way. I fell off a raft on the Sacramento River.”

“The Senate yesterday passed the annual defense authorization bill by a vote of 92-3. You libs in the kook fringe — did you hear that? The Senate passed the defense authorization bill for the new fiscal year, 92-3!”

“The left says, ‘We think both sides went too far here. The Petraeus ad clearly was over the line, but so were you with your phony soldiers comment.’ One small reality: the ‘Betray Us’ ad was created by them — and so was the ‘phony soldiers’ smear! I didn’t do anything!”

“The left says they support the troops, just not the mission. You can’t! You support the troops, you support what they do, and what they do is the mission.”


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