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RUSH: Jason in Bergen County in New Jersey, thank you for waiting, sir. You’re next. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for having me.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: My mom raised me listening to your show so you’re a big part of my conservative news.

RUSH: A Rush Baby.

CALLER: Well, I was listening to your show on Friday where you were discussing Obama’s speech at ASU and how he spoke of college students needing to go forth and give back to society in some form.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: And forgo their own personal goals or profit or what have you, and armed with that knowledge of your analysis, I attended my girlfriend’s law school graduation on Sunday, same law school I graduated from a year ago, and the guest speaker was a reporter from NPR, and that means I don’t need to mention the fact that she’s a liberal, and she spoke about the same thing, that we should go out and give back to society, give back to people who are in need. I found that funny because she was bragging about how rich she was personally, that she was married to two very rich men over her lifetime, so I’m thinking, ‘Does she give back?’ And then the version of giving back that she praised —

RUSH: Obviously she doesn’t give much, obviously not.

CALLER: Probably not.

RUSH: If you’re gonna tell a graduating class from a law school to give back, what are you basically saying? Pro bono.

CALLER: Pro bono. But let me get to what she used as her shining example of lawyers giving back.

RUSH: Okay, 30 seconds, go.

CALLER: She used the example of lawyers going down to Guantanamo Bay to help the detainees get released from Gitmo as the shining example of giving back.

RUSH: (laughing) Well, good, because they’re going to keep Gitmo open. I make this prediction. They’re not going to be able to shut it down because nobody wants these guys, and I can’t see the day when the Democrats release them into the general population. Well, I appreciate it. I’m glad you’re able to see through it, though. Did your girlfriend see through it?

CALLER: Oh, yes, and she said several other graduating students around her were even moaning and groaning during the speech.

RUSH: Excellent. Well, this woman at NPR is not working for nothing and apparently she didn’t marry for nothing, and here she’s telling all these people graduating law school, pro bono, pro bono, go down to Club Gitmo and represent the enemies of America. With what are they going to pay these lawyers at Gitmo? Nothing!

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