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“To Democrats, it’s not about whether tax increases create more revenue, it’s about controlling us.”

“The Greatest Generation faced challenges that their children and grandchildren could no more than contemplate. And don’t give me, ‘We had Jimmy Carter.’ We got rid of him in four years!”

“Sun Tzu, in The Art of War, says that one of the first things that you shoud try to do is destroy the enemy’s will to fight. Well, we’re not doing that with Al-Qaeda; we’re building those guys up! We don’t even report their death tolls.”

“No need to think about it, folks: we do all the thinking for you here at the EIB Network. All you have to do is act like a mind-numbed robot sponge and soak it all up.”

“Go back to the days immediately after 9/11 –there was greater consensus in the world for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq than there is for global warming today.”

“I love Sylvia — she’s obviously a hack — but she epitomizes a problem that we have, and that is ignorant citizens who think that they’re informed. I feel like doing a Howard Dean scream here, folks, but I won’t.”

“There’s a 60-40 chance that the Democrats won’t pull the troops out of Iraq. They know full well what’s going to happen to that region if we pull out of there. Snerdley is shouting at me, ‘What makes you think they care?'”

“Research into Stone Age humans now argues that far from having intercourse simply to reproduce, they had sex for fun. One thing we know for sure, folks, and that is this: Stone Age sex toys were cordless.”

“There’s this attraction liberals have to leaders who have omnipotent power, and that’s the attraction that Castro has for them. They don’t see Castro as in any way responsible for the squalor and the poverty of his country. They see Castro as still in the midst of a 50-year mission to fix it.”

“By the way, did George Tenet put his Medal of Freedom for sale on eBay yet?”


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