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RUSH: Seventy-six percent of American adults know somebody outta work and looking for a job. Bloomberg with a story about how paychecks, take-home pay will shrink starting in January. Baltimore trans fat police issuing citations while Baltimore remains the ninth worst crime stat city with populations over 250,000. What is happening in the United States of America is exactly what has happened in every country where the government has become huge and oppressive. Everybody in the bad old days of the Soviet Union had two jobs. One job was their own. The other job was beating the system. That is coming to America. In fact, it’s already here. Those of you out of work have two tasks before you: to find a real job and then find a way to beat the system. We are all trying to beat the system. Back in the old days of the Soviet Union, so much of their time was spent finding a way to live better than the system said they could, and that’s happening in the United States of America, and that’s one of the things this election on Tuesday is about.

Americans will not tolerate the end of American exceptionalism on purpose. The American people will not tolerate a regime who happily presides over an America in decline. The American people will not tolerate the notion that their children and grandchildren no longer have an opportunity to be prosperous and free. The American people have many people in this country who have become experts at beating the system. Back in the old days of the Soviet Union, the Russians had to beat the system to get anywhere, to get better food, to get a better job, to get a better house, to get a better anything you had to beat the system. You had to beat the regime. There was no other outlet for ambition or effort. Ambition or effort within the system got you nothing except higher taxes and dwindling opportunities. The state controlled everything. The state is assuming control over as much of everything as possible with the Obama regime. We are heading down that same road. In fact, we’re barreling down that road. And that’s why there is a Tea Party, and that’s why on Tuesday there’s going to be a Teanami. It is going to be huge.

The American people are not oriented toward beating the system. The American people are oriented toward working it. The American people understand American exceptionalism, the opportunities that exist here, and they’re seeing the opportunities being taken away on purpose, by design. We even had this glittering jewel of colossal ignorance, Vice President Joe Bite Me actually running around now saying that every revolutionary invention has its roots in government. Every one of them, he says, has its roots in government. Now, you and I know that that’s palpable BS. But, to the young people in this country it sounds probably true. Those who have not been properly educated, those who do not know history, do not know the past. The government, the system is being sold as the only opportunity anybody has. It’s a crying shame what is happening here.


RUSH: You know what Joe Biden said, the government is responsible for every invention? That’s exactly what the people of the Soviet Union were told. Exactly. They claimed that Soviet approved scientists invented the airplane, the automobile, and the lightbulb. That’s what the Soviet regime told its people.

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