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“Clinton fundraising is not the ‘culture of corruption’ — it’s the definition of corruption.”

“Speaking of the Times, has anybody heard from, or about, Maureen Dowd in the last six months? I am worried. I don’t know, where is she? Is she still writing her column? How about everybody else on that page?”

“There’s a new French company willing to provide you would-be adulterers with custom-made excuses that help ‘take the danger of discovery out of cheating’. What? It’s a woman doing this, Dawn! This is not a bunch of guys! Man, I’m getting daggers from her!”

“Here’s a headline that tells you all you have to know about how the Petraeus hearings went on Monday and Tuesday: ‘Democrats Scramble for Iraq Strategy.'”

“I figured Mrs. Clinton was ahead, so far ahead, in the primary polling because of name recognition and other things, but I’ve had to revise this. After watching Barack Obama at these Petraeus hearings yesterday, I have to conclude he’s a big idiot.”

“The media keeps saying Mrs. Clinton ‘hasn’t made any mistakes on the campaign trail.’ Translation: ‘She hasn’t made any mistakes that we’re going to tell you about.'”

“How is it conceivable that the Clinton people didn’t know who Hsu was and his background? People do not make donations of that size for ideas. Somebody like him bundling money from people who don’t have it is expecting something in return.”

“I should just call you ‘wifey’, Claudia. You’ve just told me how smart I am, how much you agree with me, and how much you learn from me — but yet you call to tell me I’m wrong.”

“We had a couple people on the phones that wanted to explain to us how to weigh the female breasts. I said, ‘Come on! We need to move on with the serious stuff!’ But now I have scientists submitting to me PowerPoint presentations on how this could be done.”

“For those of you in the audience who are adulterers, we know you’re there, and you know who you are.”


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